How to have a Fiesta Party

Fiesta Party FoodHow to have a Fiesta Party

First off you may be interested in Party Planning Checklist

1. Food. What goes well for a Fiesta Party? A Taco Bar with all the fixings. Don’t forget the Chips and Salsa. Impress your guest with a cheese dip and add another Mexican dish life Spanish rice or tamales.

2. Drink. Check out my Famous Party Punch Recipe that everyone think its spiked but isn’t. For kids you may want to add less sugar drinks like Capri suns or water bottles.

3. Decorations. Table decorations you can use Margarita glasses and use them to hold candy. For the Walls/Ceiling check out easy instructions on How to Make Fiesta Fan Ceiling Decorations. Use different color table clothes. Use balloons in different colors to spruce up the room.

4. Invitations. Make paper sombreros as your invites with all the information. Homemade lets your guest know you took time to make them and helps get them into the theme of the party!

5. Party Favors. Make homemade Maracas or you can get some decent ones through Also Sombreros are also a great Party Favor.

6. Cake. Make your cake yourself and save some money. Create something that goes well for your theme like the traditional horse pinata. Make it colorful just like the theme.

7. Pinata. You can make the traditional Horse or even the traditional Star pinata. Use cardboard and tissue paper. Everyone like to hit things. Make sure you include the candy or other goodies!

8. Extras. Add some pizzazz to your fiesta party like a photo booth. You can make your own Photo Booth for a cheaper price than renting one.

Have fun and make it colorful!

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