How to Make a Frog Pinata

how to make a frog pinata


How to Make a Frog Pinata (under $4)

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Princess and the Frog party Ideas
Princess and the Frog party Ideas

This frog pinata was made into a prince. You can’t have a Princess and the Frog Birthday Party without Frog Prince. Very simple and easy to make and adds character to your theme.


What you Need:

– Cardboard Box

– Scissors

– Tape

– Green Tissue Paper

– Bungee cord

– filler paper (napkins or tissue paper.

– Yellow, black and white cardstock


How to Make:

1. Take your cardboard box and draw out the body. Make 2 of theses. I cut mine in the shape of base body with the head.

how to make a frog pinata

2. Determine the width of the frog and cut strips to fit around the body shape and secure using tape. I made the width of this Frog Pinata about 3 1/2 inches wide.

how to make a frog pinata

3. Attach the bungy cord and secure tightly using the tape. Make sure to leave a hole open to put in candy later. I used duck tape because you want this part to be the most secure so your pinata will hold up longer.

how to make a frog pinata

4. Cover with Green tissue paper securing with tape. Make sure you cover the entirety of the Frog Pinata.

frog pinata 4

5. Use black Card stock paper and cut out a mouth and attach to pinata using glue or tape. Cut out eyes from black and white cardstock and attach with glue or tape.

how to make a frog pinata

6. Create 4 cylender legs and attach and cover with green tissue paper. To keep the legs nice and round stuff with filler paper as paper towels or tissue paper. Cut out frog feet and attach to bottom of the legs with glue or tape. Add a yellow crown made from yellow cardstock and attach over the bungee cord and tape or glue down.

how to make a frog pinata


That is it. You are Done!

Have fun and remember to add candy and other goodies and close up the hole taping it shut.


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Topic: How to Make a Frog Pinata (under $4)

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  1. Julee

    I use to always make pinatas for my chlidren. They were however, rectangle boxes made from party table covers and had pull strings. I love this easy way to be more creative and “think outside the box”

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