How to Make a Margarita Glass out of a Box!

How to Make a Margarita Glass out of a Box!

What you Need:

– Cardboard Boxes

– Packaging tape

– Scissors or Exact o Knife

– Plastic Table Clothe – Color of your choice


How to Make:

1. Using a cardboard box that is 3 ft tall. Cut to the size you want and roll the box long ways in a circle. You wan this to be the stem of the glass. Tape together using Packaging Tape.

2. Work on the base. Take a Cardboard box that is about 1 ft width and about 3 ft long and roll again like before short way. Cut slits about every 6 inches. These slits will help you make it into a curve. Continue with the slits and then tape each one together making a cone shape. Make sure this fits over the stem.

3. Upper Base. Follow the same instructions for the base making sure the smallest part fits over the base nice and snug.

4. Glass area. This needs to be atleast 2ft to 2 1/2 ft with and atleast 4-5 ft long. Roll in a circle like above steps. Make slits about every 4 – 5 inches. Tape them make a cone shape alternating each flap above or below. Tape them down making sure the small opening fits over the base snug.

5. Add the Glass area to the base and adjust the base height as needed to make it look correctly.

6. Take the plastic table clothe of your choice. Take each piece of the Margarita Glass and cover with the table clothe taping it in place.

7. Add each piece of the cup together and taping it in place to make it secure.

You are Done!

Tip: I made mine for My nieces Fiesta Graduation Party and in the glass area was placed the Party Favors with instructions to take on their way out. This also makes for a great prop for pictures.

In no way am I promoting the consumption of Margaritas but simply making a decorative prop for a party.

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