How to Make a Power Rangers Samurai Pinata

Looking for a Simple Power Rangers Samurai Pinata? Here is the one I made two sided. One side is the red ranger and the other side is the blue ranger. My son and my nephew that are 8 days apart shared a birthday party.

Power Rangers Samurai Pinata Red

How to Make a Power Rangers Samurai Pinata

What you Need:

  • – Red, blue, white and black tissue paper.
  • – Large Balloon
  • – Thick paper
  • – Tape
  • – Scissors
  • – Bungy Cord
  • – Cardboard


How to Make:

I first took a large balloon. Blow it up to be a pretty size-able balloon. The balloon I used was actually a New Years Eve Balloon I got a package from Kroger last year for $.25 and had 8 in it.

Power Rangers Samurai Step

I then started slicing the brown paper roll from the insides of Christmas paper rolls into small pieces.

I found my scotch packaging tape and taped pieces onto the balloon. Once I had it fully covered, I then took the tape and started wrapping it completely till full covered. I used the balloon primarily for the shape so I then popped the balloon.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 1a

Don’t fret I have an easy fix to keep its shape! I made a hole at the bottom enough for my hand to fit in.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 1b

I then put in my bungee cord taped to cardboard in from the inside and made a hole at the top for it to come out.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 1c

I then used the Sunday paper and shredded it and crinkled it up. I filled up the piñata about half way with the newspaper. I then got the Dum Dums and Fruit snacks I already had in my stockpile and put them in the piñata. I then filled up the remainder of the piñata with crinkled newspaper until full. I then taped it up with packaging tape. I also reinforced where the handle is to make sure that it will stick and not pull off.

Now on to the next section of actually decorating it. I took 1 red sheet of tissue paper and tape it down covering at least one full side.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 1

I then took one blue sheet of tissue paper and only covered the opposite side forming it into a face shape oval.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 2

Then I took black streamers and formed them into the shapes of the blue and red ranger shapes. I attached them to a white sheet of tissue paper. Then attached that to the respective side.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 3I then took blue balloon curling ribbon and traced on the blue side. I then took white balloon curling ribbon and traced on the red side.

Power Rangers Samurai Step 4

It took me just over 2 hrs to make but it was FREE! My oldest son even got to help!
Thanks for reading.

Power Rangers Samurai Pinata Blue



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