How to Make a Princess Castle Pinata

princess oinata


How to Make a Princess Castle Pinata


What you Need:

– Square Box atleast 8×8 inches

– Smaller Cardboard box 4×4 inches

– 4 Paper Towel Rolls (No Paper Towels)

– Tissue Paper in the colors you want the castle to be.

– Bungy Cord or Thick Rope

– Duck Tape

– Candy

– Filler Paper (Newspaper or Tissue Paper is fine)

– 2 sheets of Card Stock

– Glue


How to Make:

1. Take the smaller Box the 4×4 inches and determine the middle for the top. This will be where you put the bungy cord or thick String as a loop to hold the pinata on the cord to move from side to side and up and down.

2. Attach the bungy on the box and secure it.

3. Attach this smaller box on top of the larger box using the Duct Tape.

4. Take the 4 Paper Towel Rolls and Cut a slit vertical on each. Attach each one to the 4 corners of the larger box using Duck Tape.

5. Take the 2 Sheets of Card Stock and cut in half short ways.

6. Make each slice of paper into a cone and attach to the top of each corner using Duck Tape.

7. It is not necessary to fill in the gaps of each rounded corner but it helps to keep its shape. Use the extra filler paper to do this.

8. Close up the bottoms of each corners using Duck Tape.

9. Draw on windows and doors where you want them at. This is where you get to be creative.

10. Cut your tissue papers into about 1 inch squares and attach to the coordinating colors where you want them at.

11. I had some left over princess valentines cards and just cut out the princesses and placed them in the window areas on my castle.

12. It took time but it was all worth it for my little princess. You could just cover the box with the tissue paper being flat instead of the little squares.


Good Luck! And have Fun! Sorry I did not have pictures for each step, I created mine over 3 yrs ago and I wasn’t blogging then.

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  1. Kimberly

    This would have been great when my daughter was younger! I need to make my own for my son with a theme he would love like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Pirates.

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