How to Make a Super Mario 1 Up Pinata

Super mario 1 up pinata



How to Make a Super Mario 1 Up Piñata

Complete your Super Mario Party with a 1 Up Pinata. Sure to please a crowd! Everyone likes taking a swing at pinatas. Budget friendly and easy to make.


What you Need:

– Cardboard box

– Tissue Paper (green, black, white, cream )

– Bungy Cord

– Packaging Tape or Duck Tape

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Candy and piñata fillings (be creative and have items that connect to the theme)


How to Make:

1. First take your your cardboard and cut it into a triangle by making the top center 1 inch by 4 inches and folding the box in triangle. Tape the slits.

2. Take your bungy and tie it. Take the loop thru a piece of cardboard. Tape down securely. Tape the inside of the top of your mushroom top.

3. Take your candy and pinata filler and put it in the mushroom top while it is facing upside down. Fill with tissue paper or newspaper like I did (this helps to keep its shape but easy to hit and break).

4. Cut a circle to fit the bottom of the mushroom and tape it to the top mushroom closing it completely.

5. Take cream paper and make the shape of a mushroom bottom. Attach with tape to the bottom of the mushroom top. Use tissue paper to fill and close shut.

6. Starting from the top use green tissue paper and tape to secure. Wrap around the entire mushroom top. Take the cream tissue and cover the stem/bottom of the mushroom.

7. Cut out White circles of tissue paper and attach to the top of the green mushroom top.

8. Cut our black elongated ovals and white smaller elongated ovals and attach to the stem/bottom.


Congrats, You Did It!

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