How to Make a Super Mario Pipe Floor Decoration

Are you having a Super Mario Theme Party? The Mario Brothers have no doubt continued to be popular among children today. This simple Super Mario Pipe Floor Decoration is just a fun addition to any party. Below you will find a list of supplies you need as well as step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a Super Mario Pipe Floor Decoration.

First left me tell you a story about this Pipe!!! I started creating it in my living room as my son’s birthday party approached, I moved the pipe outdoors to work on since it was rather nice outside. The neighbor kids would come over and play with my children. As they saw me working on the pipe they were intrigued by the massive size and when I explained what I was making they asked if they could play with it when I was done. My response, “Of course”. So yes this Super Mario Pipe was a huge success prior to the party, during the party and even a few weeks after. See kids will be just as excited with a box that inspires lots of creative and imaginary play. I have to admit I even enjoyed playing as if I was Mario coming out of the pipe like you do in the game!

How to make a super mario pipe floor decoration

How to Make a Super Mario Pipe Floor Decoration

DIY Super Mario Pipe

What you Need:

– Large Cardboard box

– Packaging Tape

– Lots of Green Paper or Green Plastic Table Clothe

Most of these items can be purchased at Dollar Tree. The Large Cardboard Box was from Bunk-bed box.


How to Make:

1. First take your cardboard and cut it in a circle and tape it with packaging tape. Make it as tall as you desire.

How to make a super mario pipe

2. Next you will make the rim which needs to be about 4-8 inches longer.

super mario pipe rim

3. Cut a cuff rim about 2 inches bigger than your base. You will want to cut out the middle as well.

4. Attach the cuff rim to the base using tape.

super mario pipe

5. Then attach the rim using tape to secure tightly.

6. Cover your Pipe with green paper or if easier and more cost effective use green plastic table from Dollar Tree. Below I covered with green shiny material that I got from my sister from a bag she was going to donate after her yard sale.

super mario pipe green

That is it! You are done!

I used newspaper for stuffing the rim. I also used old flag material I got from my sisters yard sale that didn’t sell. The box I used was a wardrobe moving box. So my Super Mario Pipe Floor Decoration was absolutely FREE for me.

Do you have any DIY Super Mario Party Ideas? Leave your idea in the comments below.

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