How to Make a Super Mario Red Toad Loot Bag

Super Mario Red Toad Loot Bag

How to Make a Super Mario Red Toad Loot Bag

What You Need:

– Brown Paper Bags

– Red, Beige and Brown Cardstock or Construction paper

– Double Sided Tape or Glue


How to Make:

1. First take your red cardstock and fold in half and fold in half again. Draw out your top of the Mushroom and then cut.

2. Find something round like the bottom of a cup and trace out your circles onto the beige cardstock. Cut the circles out. Half of the circles will be cut in half.

3. Using Double-sided tape attach a full circle in the middle of the mushroom top. With a cut circle attach them to each side by the middle circle. Cut the excess that overlaps the mushroom top.

4. Take the brown cardstock and fold a couple times and again trace out your patter of a elongated oval. These are the eyes for the Green Toad loot bag.

5. Open up the Brown Paper Bag and fold the top 2 times like you are folding your kids lunch bag. Attach the mushroom top.

5. Using double-sided tape attach the eyes.


That is it! All Done. Super Simple and Easy.


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