How to Make a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata Tutorial

Argh Matey! You be looking in the right place for a Treasure Chest Pinata! My oldest son will be turning 6 this coming Saturday, the 29th. He had asked for a Jake and the Neverland Pirate Theme Birthday Party. So to stick with the Theme, I am making a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata.

I was sure this year he would not want me to do a theme birthday party but to my surprise he is so excited.

pirate Treasure Chest Pinata 9

Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata Tutorial


So here is one aspect of his party. We do pinatas because its tradition for my family and its fun for both the kids and adults!

Yes, I could have just bought one, but I pride myself in spending less than $50 for a birthday party. Also, I seriously do not have any money, so everything I do for this party has to be from what I already have on hand.

I have a 2 tubs full of decoration items so I’m not at a total lost. Just a quick note the items I used for this Treasure Chest Pinata were mostly purchased from Dollar Tree so you should have the ability to find these items easily as well.

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Instructions: How to Make a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata

Here is what you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Box for pinata frame
  • packaging tape
  • black streamer
  • Packaging brown paper roll
  • 1 sheet of gold shimmer paper or yellow paper and use gold glitter to decorate lock and handles
  • bungee cord. I used one from the Dollar Tree.


Simple and Easy Instructions on How to Make a Pirate Chest Pinata

How to Make:

Step 1: Tape the box on the bottom just enough to hold it together but not too much that it will not break! I used a diaper box from Walmart.

Treasure Chest Pinata 1

Step 2: Cut top off except where the hinge back part will be. I cut at the handles, it seemed good enough for me.

Treasure Chest Pinata 2

Step 3: Shape top to be round like the top of a treasure chest. Use tape to hold it together.

Treasure Chest Pinata 3

Step 4: Use bungy cord and poke a hold thru a seperate piece of cardboard and tape down. Make sure this is secure enough it will not break off when its swung around from all the hitting.

Treasure Chest Pinata 4Treasure Chest Pinata 5









Step 5: Attach the seperate piece of cardboard to the top of the treasure chest. Double tape this it needs to be strong so the pinata can stay on.

pirate Treasure Chest Pinata 6

Step 6: the fun part. Take the brown packaging roll of paper and attach it to the box covering the whole box and cutting pieces off as necessary to make a clean look. Attach using the packaging tape.


Step 7: Add the black streamer to the treasure chest in whatever design you decide. I choose a simple design that matches the treasure chest invites. Make sure you put tape underneath areas that need extra hold.

Treasure Chest Pinata 8

Step 8: Cut out handles from the gold shimmer paper of yellow paper and using gold glitter to make them shiny! Attach them to the chest. I didn’t use any pattern I just eyeballed it both on the handles and the lock.

Step 9: Fill the inside of the pinata with treats, candies and any other items you want.

Step 10: Tape that sucker down! I haent filled mine yet since I haent gotten the candy yet! But make sure you secure it enough that it will hold a few hits. I plan on taping underneath the black streamers to hide the tape!

Hope this all make sense and hope you can make your own treasure chest! Ahoy Maties! Do you need to make Invitations. Check out the Pirate Treasure Chest Invitations Tutorial.


pirate treasure chest pinata


1 hour 30 minutes

Topic: How to Make a Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata


  1. Kristen

    Thanks you so much for sharing this idea! I just finished making this with my soon to be 6 year old and it was simple enough to have more fun than worry over the creation experience. We had a blast-it cost us nothing and we are both so happy with how it turned out! Thank you again 🙂

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