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Need a simple and easy decoration for your Training Room (Bible Study) for VBS Game On Theme. Below you will find information on how to make cardboard dumbbells.

How to Make Cardboard Dumbbells

What you Need:

  • Empty Wrapping Paper Roll
  • Packaging tape
  • Black plastic tablecloth
  • Silver or Grey plastic tablecloth or plastic grocery bag

How to Make:

You thought I would give you the instructions I used to make the bar and weights? Well, they are pretty simple and I’m sure you are clever enough to figure them out by just looking at the pictures!

Or you can do me a solid and purchase the Game On Decoration Ideas eBook. This eBook has tons of decoration ideas with step by step tutorials including pictures. If you purchase the whole shebang for $14.99 you also get the SVG, PNG, PDF files for all the decoration ideas as well as the Director/Teacher helps.

Be sure to use the items listen above that you will need. Having these items will help you move from each step to the next step.

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