How to Make Cheap Graduation Announcements

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How to Make Cheap Graduation Announcements

There are a few options.

1. Print your own. You can make pretty designs on your own and print them right from your computer. You can get photo paper from Dollar Tree but I wouldn’t say this is the most cost effective way because ink is expensive.

2. Order 4×6 Prints from various places. For my niece we had many coupons codes from Walgreens, Shutterfly, York Photo and others but we decided on Walgreens because they had a sale for 75+ prints for $.10 each so we purchased 100 for $10 not including taxes plus we had them for store pickup and ready within a couple of hours! Above is the image we did personally created. I did not take the photo of her this is credited to Sonya. We figured this was the best for the quickness plus she wasn’t going to mail very many but instead hand deliver!

3. Prints from Office Supply Stores. The other option we thought about that would not include her photo was taking wedding invites from Walmart that looked great for her theme and taking them with the text file to Staples or Office Max and having them print $.5 per print min. 100 so we could have paid $5 plus tax


Let me know what you think? Did we make a good choice? We wanted something special but not expensive. Did you know the smallest package from a Top Graduation Brand that only included 1 color ink with 35 announcements was $100! We did our own and we can hand out many! my niece was in charge of making a list and before she got to her graduating classmates and other friends she had 65 already! So for the money we are spending we did a wonderful job!

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