How to Make Flag Pennants

These pennants can be used to displayed all over the room of various teams. Consider making them of famous teams or teams in your area including the schools your children participating go to school, they will enjoy the attention to the detail. Below you will find How to Make Flag Pennants from the Felt Pennants you can purchase at Dollar Tree.

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.

How to Make Flag Pennants

What you Need:

  • Felt Pennants from Dollar Tree
  • Felt Markers or Electric Tape

Dollar Tree Pennants VBS Game On

How to Make:

  1. You can make your own Pennants. There is a pennant included in the Game On eBook that can be printed or used to create larger one. Dollar Tree has a 2 pack for $1 Felt Pennant in various colors.
  2. Using Electrical tape you can cut the length of the straight end of the pennant.
  3. Add words like Go Team or Panthers using electrical tape or felt markers.
  4. Make sure you space out your letters and measure before making them permanent.

You can create solid fabric or plastic pennants by getting bed sheets from Thrift Stores or even Plastic Tablecloths from Dollar Tree. Get various colors.

Plastic Tablecloths are harder to cut so be careful. You will want to fold back 1/2 inch all around to give a pennant feel. Use double sided tape or tacky glue. Poster markers do not work well on plastic but you can use electric decorative tape.

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