How to Make Homemade Fabric Softener

how to make fabric softener

How to Make Homemade Fabric Softener

Are you strapped for money just as much as me? Chances are you probably are or you just rather make your own homemade cleaners instead of buying manufacture made.

First let me tell you about the countless times I remember seeing my mom put the ingredients listed below into a load of wash. I really thought it was because we were dirt poor and we probably were but that’s not the point! I remember my mother would use her laundry soap powder box over and over and just refill it. I don’t remember very many times she bought laundry soap so my guess she made her own. I’m not sure! I do know if she did, she did not teach me!

Ok, Let’s get to it!


Cost: about $2 or less!


What you Need:

– 3 Cups of White Vinegar ($1.50 at Dollar General for the gallon)

– 2 Cups of Hair Conditioner (I used Herbal Essences purchased from Kroger on sale with coupon for $.77)

– 6 Cups of Water

– Container to hold and mix in.


How to Make:

1. Since the Conditioner I use is 10.1 oz and calls for 16 oz. I have modified the rest of the recipe. I am using Herbal Essence Conditioner I purchased on sale with a coupon for $.77 at Kroger about 5 months ago. So my new measurements are:

10 oz Conditioner

15 oz of White Vinegar just less than 2 cups

33 oz or 4 Cups of Water

2. Add all ingredients together and mix well.

3. Use a Wash clothe to soak in your fabric softener and ring out when you are ready to place in your dryer. Place the wash clothe in with your load. You can also add just 1/4 cup to the fabric softener compartment in your washer.


That is it!


You may also be interested in making Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Cost Breakdown.

64 oz of White Vinegar is $1.50 at Dollar General

Conditioner is $1 at Dollar Tree or I used Herbal Essence from Kroger for $.77 with sale and coupon for 10 oz.

so $.77 plus $.38 for White Vinegar = $1.15 for 64 oz that make 32 loads worth so about 4 cents a load.

homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener copy


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