How to Make a Lightening McQueen Car Piñata

how to make a lightening car pinata


How to Make a Lightening McQueen Car Piñata

My kids absolutely adore Disney Cars. This was a great Lightening McQueen Car Pinata to have fun break apart.

What you Need:

– Cardboard box/Large balloon

– Tissue Paper (red, black, white)

– Bungy Cord

– Packaging Tape or Duck Tape

– Glue

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Candy and piñata fillings (be creative and have items that connect to the theme)


How to Make:

1. First take your cardboard box and draw out the shape of the side of the Lightening McQueen. You will need to to cut out, one for each side.

2. Then determine the width you want the care to be and cut out the hood, back, ceiling and windows. Match them up and tape them securely to the sides. Make sure to keep an opening to add the pinata toys and candy.

3. Add the bungy cord to a piece of cardboard and secure it with tape. Add it from the inside of the pinata to the top as the hook loop.

4. Now the fun part, Get your tissue paper and cut into 1 1/2 inch squares. Use the top of the pencil to place a tissue paper on, Dip in glue and place on desired area of the pinata. Make sure you fully cover the pinata.

5. Add the pinata fillings such as small toys and candy. Close securely and cover.

McQueen pinata

Congrats, You Did It!

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