How to Make Old School Batman Piñata

homemade batman Pinata


How to Make a Old School Batman Piñata

Pinatas are fun and lets face it they don’t come cheap when it comes to crushing it to pieces. This easy and budget friendly tutorial will alleviate the stress of spending tons of money of something that will not last very long. Let get to it with your very own Batman Pinata.


What you Need:

– Cardboard box/Large balloon

– Tissue Paper (blue, black, white)

– Bungy Cord

– Packaging Tape or Duck Tape

– Flour

– Warm Water

– Glue

– Scissors

– Pencil

– 2 inch strips of paper preferably notebook paper or newspaper

– Candy and piñata fillings (be creative and have items that connect to the theme)


How to Make:

1. First take your balloon and air it up to the desired size. Tie it off.

2. Take your paper and shred into 2 inch strips if not already done.

3. Make a paste of flour and warm water.

4. Carefully take a strip of paper and dip into paste, add it to the balloon. Cover the entire balloon in one layer.

5. let it sit and dry you can use a hair dryer on a lower setting to dry faster. Depending on how wet the paste is the longer it takes to dry.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until ballon is covered and dry with desired amount of layers. Easy to break piñatas 4-5 layers, harder to break 10 layers.

7. Once the piñata is very dry you can pop the balloon inside if it has not already popped. Cut out a 4 inch by 4 inch area on 3 side to allow it to flap open, this is the entry way for the candy.

8. Reinforce handle (bungy cord) with cardboard and tape. Create a hole at the top of the piñata for the handle just enough the bungy cord can fit thru. Secure with tape.

9. Now the fun part! Time to decorate! First draw on the piñata your pattern to follow. Cut tissue paper in small squares about 2 inches by 2 inches.

10. Use the pencil, eraser side and place in the middle of a tissue paper. Dip in a glob of glue and place on the piñata in the desired area according to your pattern. Do this for entire piñata.

11. Before securing the open flap be sure to place your piñata candy and party filling favors. Secure the open flap with tape and then cover with tissue paper.


Congrats, You Did It!

What other Batman Party Ideas can you think of?


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