How to Make Power Rangers Samurai Masks

So I kinda cheated! I used my Cricket to make the cuts and I just glued them together! These are pretty easy to make Power Rangers Samurai Masks.

I first looked at the guess list and determined how many kids I will have coming. I came up with 12 potential kids!

6 Boys and 6 Girls! Nice and even huh!

So I then decided I was already making the red and blue rangers as the invites and the Thank You cards so I used those patterns and just increased the size to fit 8.5 x 11.

The two boys who birthdays we are celebrating one like the red and other blue. Since I have an even number of boys and girls, I decided to do 3 of each including the girls. So I made 3 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Pink, and 3 Yellow.

You be the judged but the yellow one looks really off to me. I’m not so much of a perfectionist so I am just leaving them as is.

After the circuit made the cuts for me, I realized I needed to make eye holes and mouth holes which were not part of the original patterns. I kind a just eye balled them. All the material from cardstock to glue I already had. I am into scrapbooking even though I have not scrapbooked in almost 2 yrs I still have a lot.

For the patterns I simply used images found by doing a Google search. As for the ties on the Masks I used pipe cleaners. When I was going thru my craft bins I found a ton including un-open packages of white. Since the mask are only designed to fit on the front of the face I needed two pipe cleaners to fit around the head. This makes them adjustable.

I punched a whole on each side of the mask near in line where the ears would be. I folded them and then taped the edges so they won’t poke anyone in the head. (I learned better this time!)

I then just connected the two cleaners in the back and just raveled them to loosely stay together so they can be adjusted to each kid as needed.

That’s pretty much it!. I hope you get some great ideas for your Theme Birthday party!

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