How to Make Simple Paper Airplanes

How to Make Simple Paper Airplanes!

If you were a guest in my house the past few days then you would know I have literally made a few dozen paper airplanes made from notebooks paper, cardstock, napkins, toilet paper and even Coupon inserts! Don’t worry the coupon inserts didn’t have coupons they were just the advertisements in the inserts!

So I wanted to write down some simple instructions for my 6 yr old so he not only has to read the instructions on his own he will also have to follow the directions! I’m killing two birds with one stone. My 6 yr old struggles with instructions and he can always use some help in the reading area as well.

If your children are like my son then they might want to cherish their airplane and keep it safe from their siblings after they have created it. I’ve added a few suggestions on how to preserve their creation.

1. Place it on a display shelf. Make sure its high enough their siblings cannot reach!

2. Place in picture frames regular or display picture frame. What a great way to display their paper airplane and away from siblings and pets!

3. Showcase it on a mantel of the fireplace or even a bookshelf. Again make sure it’s out of the reach of the kids!

These are just a few suggestions. Now on to How to Make a Simple Paper Airplane.
Let’s get to it!

How to Make a Simple Paper airplane:

Step 1: Take a sheet of paper and fold in half long ways. Make sure the crease is flat!

Step 2: Open the sheet of paper and take the top corners and fold toward the crease. Make sure the folds are flat.

Step 3: Fold along the crease again. Holding the paper long ways, fold down the one side making it even to the fold.

Step 4: Turn the paper over and do the same folding the paper to the fold

Step 5: Lift both flap on both side up at a 90 degree angle.


That’s it you are done! Now go enjoy your Paper airplane.










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