How to Make Super Mario Blocks

Need a simple decoration for a Super Mario Party? Look no further this easy to make Super Mario Blocks are so easy you can have the children make them! I really think these blocks are so simple that I didn’t expect the high traffic I get on this post, it’s amazing! These would be great craft or favors! Have your little guests take one home and I bet they will think it is the coolest have their very own Super Mario Block.

How to Make Super Mario Blocks (Decorations)

how to make a Super Mario Block

Below is a list of supplies you will need and instructions step by step on how to make Super Mario Blocks for the wall.


What you Need:

  • – Brown and Black Cardstock or Construction Paper
  • – Double Sided Tape or Glue (preferably a glue stick)
  • – Scissors

super mario block supplies

How to Make Super Mario Blocks:

Step 1

First take a black sheet cardstock and cut it to an 8 inch by 8 inch square. You will want to make as many as desired, get them cut all at once. This will make the remainder of the process go faster.

Step 2

Take your brown cardstock and cut them in varying widths but all the same height. I cut 2 1/2 inches tall.

Step 3

Take your brown bricks and attach with either glue or double sided tape. Make sure to leave black space to give the look of bricks and mortar.

Step 4

Repeat for desired amount of blocks.

super mario brick block


That is it! You are Done!

Topic: How to Make Super Mario Blocks

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