How to Plan a Cheap Graduation Party

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How to Plan a Cheap Graduation Party

1. Set a Budget. Be realistic and reasonable. Let your graduate know what you can and cannot afford.

2. Write a List. Once you write your first list of what you want rewrite it and make it more realistic to what you can achieve. Write everything from what you want to what you would like to have at your graduation.

3. Make a list of what you have. You’d be surprised with the items you have around the house that can be used for your party. This list will help you determine what you still need t get.

4. Set a date. This is so important to know what day to have your party. Be conscious that other graduates will be having their parties as well and instead of working against everyone else work around them. Allow your graduate to have a well attended party by not hosting theirs at the same time as others.

5. Find a Venue. If you need to go extreme cheap consider your home as the place. Other places you can look into is Armory, Community Centers, State or Local Parks (Band Stands), or even your church. A great place to consider for indoors and decent parking is your local library and often it could be FREE!

6. Pick a Theme. Remember your list? Now lets define it. Think of the items you want to incorporate with your theme. Themes are so much easier to do than the generic Graduation, It creates uniqueness and personality designed for your graduate. My niece loves fiesta so adding Mexican Bingo, Mexican paper flowers, maracas  and margarita glasses as decoration makes it more personal. We are adding our own Photo Booth. See how you can make a Cheap Photo Booth.

7. Buying Supplies. Consider buying Dollar Tree or even thrift shops. We were fortunate to find napkins unopened for $.50 a pack cheaper than the dollar store! Budgets are tight these days so looking for bargains is the way to go. Also check Sam’s Club or Costco for the large plastic ware boxes for the cheapest price depending on how large or small your party will be. Keep your list handy because many of the items you may need can be found very inexpensive and don’t leave out Walmart (They can be budget friendly)

8. Feeding the Party. I am a huge couponer so for any party I put together I budget for $50 for around 40 people. You can probably do better but look for sales and coupons to get the best savings. Write a list and discuss with your graduate what kind of party you want. Will you be serving lunch/dinner? or will you just have snacks. Will your party be more of a open house so just snacks will be great. My niece is having a fiesta party so we are doing a taco bar but we also know not everyone will eat tacos so we will also be having a few fruit watermelon baskets and a candy bar. Don’t forget the drinks! We will be having my famous punch. See how you can make a great punch everyone will enjoy.

9. Inviting the Guests. Graduation announcements do not have to be expensive. Consider going with your local drugstore or even warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club to make photo prints of the announcements. You can find envelopes at Dollar Tree and hand them out to Guests rather than mailing them. For more suggestions on how to Make Cheap Graduation Announcements see what we did.

10. Adding the Extra. Be realistic, I cannot stress this enough, don’t over do your budget because you want to add things to the party you cannot afford. Its for your graduate and I understand that but you also don’t want to be teaching them you can do everything they ask for if you really can’t afford it.

I hope these tips help you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to put them below in the comments.

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