How to Save on Flower Girl Desses

save on flower girl dresses

How to Save on Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses do not have to be expensive and the reality is they only need to last a couple of days! Perhaps if you are

sentimental you may want to hold onto them but keep in mind little girls are just as active as boys and they will make a mess of their dress by the end of the day. Think realistically that yes you want the flower girl to look fabulous but its doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Spend your wedding budget wisely and put it somewhere else.

Here are some ways to Save on Flower Girl Dresses

1. Sales. Look for sales around Easter and Christmas.

2. Clearance Racks. The best place to save a ton is checking out clearance racks at Macy’s, Kohl’s and many other department stores. If you have coupons that will make for even better deals.

3. Outlet Stores. Some outlet stores run their highest sales at the beginning of the year and during the summer.

4. Yard Sales. We found my little princess dress for my sister-in-laws wedding at a yard sale. It was originally a $100 dress and bought for $15.

5. Online. There are many places like that you can find rather inexpensive dresses.

6. Consignment Shops. You will be surprised by the great deals you can find at consignment shops. Check out Once Upon a Child or ask around what other consignment shops are in your area.

7. Thrift Stores. Thrift Stores can be such a blessing when you are looking for cheap Flower Girl Dresses. Remember if you find a dress a bit to large you can always take it in and adjust.

8. Friends. Ask your friends someone might have just gotten married and their flower girls are not going to wear the dresses again or they might have one from previous Easters or Christmas. You might also find out from a friend that they know someone who has a dress to sell.

9. Renting. Have you thought about renting? It not uncommon to rent the boys tuxes so consider renting a flower girl dress. Here are some to consider renting.

10. Make your own. Not the most cost effective but if you are good with coupons and have the time along with knowing how to sew you can make a dress of your own exactly how you want and for a cheaper price.


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