How to Save on Graduation Cakes

How to Save on Graduation Cakes

These are just suggestions and only meant to help you decide on how you will save on Graduation Cakes.

1. Store Bought. Store Bought Graduation Cakes do not have to be expensive. Walmart has a great selection of graduation theme cakes for around $16-$20. You can always purchase a generic cake and have them add text to the cake to make more personal. These ones cost anywhere between $12-$18. You can also consider buying an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen or even one of the Ice Cream places that sells frozen cakes.

2. Make your Own from a mix. There is no doubt making your own from a mix is one of the cheapest ways to save on any Cake. If you are great at baking then this might just be the best option. Consider getting cake mixes from Dollar General, Family Dollar or even Dollar Tree, these stores carry name brand mixes such as Pillsbury and Betty Crocker. To make the cake more homemade add an extra egg and more butter thanks to my blogging friend Layne from

3. Make your Own from Scratch. If you are daring and you have the ingredients and you know what you are doing by all means go for making your own cake. I am not the best baker but many are and I encourage you if you can your graduate will be very thankful for the effort you put into making a cake.

4. Have it Made. If you can afford it or even if you have a sibling or friend who is willing to do a cake for you by all means this make be one of the best ways to go. Be creative and choose something that goes along with your theme.

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