How to Save on Kids Clothes

Are you in a pinch? Or do you just want ways to save on kids clothes? Either way these tips will show you how to save on kids clothes.

How to Save on Kids Clothes

  1. Thrift Stores

In the podcast 36 I briefly discussed how to save on your children’s clothes. I tell the story about how we were up state for my brother in-laws wedding and a bad parent moment I had was when we were getting ready for the wedding. We had waited till the day of to have my boys try on their clothes. Since we were still in summer weather I hadn’t even thought about having my boys see how the pants fit. I just assumed they would fit fine!

Unfortunately we had not one but two kids with pants not fitting. So we hopped in the car and head to the nearest Goodwill (Thrift Store). Fortunately I was able to find a pair of Dockers for both my boys for under $10. We did get to the wedding on time!

So here is my tip for you, if you have children who are rapidly growing and passing over sizes in a short amount of time then head to your nearest Thrift Store and get some reasonable prices on great clothes for your kids.

2. Clearance and Coupons

I personally enjoy getting the $10 of a $10 purchase coupons from Kohl’s. My mother in-law gets them for JC Penny’s and Peebles as well. I can typically find 1 item for each of my kids (3) for just over $10 combined on the clearance racks. When you use the coupon you pay for taxes and the amount over the $10 so I can leave with 3 items for under $2 typically. I like this kind of shopping. I tend to use this on the clothing item I give the kids for Christmas.

3. Clothing Drives

There are a few churches around me who will have clothing drives a couple of times a year. There are some that if they know of a need they will gather the sizes and allow you to come and select some items.

We have one place that is a barber shop and once a month they arrange it to distribute clothing, pizza and hotdogs all FREE.

My church we have a clothing distribution twice a year and it is open to everyone. We try to coordinate with the Food Ministry days on their distribution.

Unfortunately for me, my oldest son is in the size we typically get the least of. Size 16 Huskies or Men’s Small!

4. Swapping with Friends

For awhile a friend of mine has a son who is a couple grades older than mine, but unfortunately the clothes he is no longer in is smaller than the sizes my son can wear but I am gladly accepting the clothes and saving for my second son.

My daughter on the other hand has been given so much clothes from friends we had to kindly refuse and ask they find others. I do provide names of others who might be interested.

Let me tell you how bad this got! My daughter had enough clothes that she could wear a different outfit for almost 3 months without wearing the same thing! Talk about overwhelming of clothes and clutter. We didn’t need that much.

So my tip is check with your friends with kids in sizes larger or smaller than yours and swap clothing that is in good condition.

5. Yard Sales!!!

Yes. You knew this was going to be on the list. In my area Yard Sales start as early as March and go into the 2nd weekend of October. Yup, that’s right! We have tons of weekends we can run to yard sales and find what goodies we can find.

My mother in-law likes to go around noon – 2ish because many yard sales want to close up and start slashing prices. She gets very great deals.

So there you have it. These are ways we save on kids clothes.

Do you have other ideas you would like to contribute. Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear ways you save on kids clothes.

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