How to Save on Radiators

How to Save on Radiators

Yes not my usual post and it should be placed on Dads Saving Money instead but I’m posting here instead because it is definitely something I want to share.

I broke down in my car the other week and because the hubby recently started a new job we are in transition so money is still tight, thankfully for family and friends are car is becomingĀ drive ableĀ again.

Well the first thing that went on my car was the radiator. So this is why I am writing this post. Every place near me quoted me $129.99 for a brand new radiator for my car. My brother in-law was so helpful and told me about and that checking there I might find a better price. Yes indeed I did.

So this is not a sponsored ad for My endorsement is of my own and no one from the company or PR agency is compensating me for this at all. I am simply suggesting that if you are in need of finding a cheaper alternative to buying a radiator consider buying from My radiator cost me $74 and change which included 2-3 business day shipping. I saved around $60 and was able to get the radiator fixed by my brother in-law whom also showed me how to change it out.

They tend to have the cheapest prices I know from anywhere else.

Thanks for reading.

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