How to Save on Wedding Favors

How to save on Wedding Favors

The easiest way to cut out part of the budget of a wedding is by not having any wedding favors! However it is nice to give those you appreciate coming to your special day a way to remember it by.

There are so many ideas of wedding favor you can make but I would suggest only doing a couple and preferably favors that are simple to make or purchase because chances are your quest will not take them, or they end up trashing them with in the year.

Some of the most thoughtful wedding favors can be handmade. You can put together a CD of pictures, a booklet of family recipes, a CD of songs, be creative. There are many things you can do.

Check out your nearest Dollar Tree there is always fun ideas you can do as well as there are plenty of wedding pre-made favors to choose from.

Start early because yard sales are a great place to find cheap and inexpensive wedding favors.

Google search for ideas on what you can do. Always set a budget for how much you want to spend over all and how much you want to spend per person.

Topic: How to Save on Wedding Favors