How to Survive Kids and No Money

How to Survive Kids and No Money!

I’m a Frugal Mom with kids and we have No Money!

Kid’s are expensive and so are everyday living expenses.

So here are some tips on How to Survive Kids and No Money

1. Get Cooking Together. Some of the best times you can have with your kids is making food together. Teach your kids to read recipes, how to measure ingredients. Have fun and make some memories.

2. Color Together. Remember when you would color and make every picture as perfect as you can. Spend some time and teach your kids how to color. Display their beautiful artwork on the refrigerator.

3. Movie Night. Create a movie night environment by placing bed sheets over the windows. Pick any moving the kids will love it. Choose one you haven’t seen in awhile. You can make popcorn bags/bowls out of paper.No popcorn, make some yummy treats!

4. Make Forts. Take some blankets and make some forts and play. Enjoy the fun and let your kids tell you the rules of play.

5.  Camp Out. If you have a tent or even sleeping bags. Sleep in the living room for the night. Make it a sleepover. Tell stories, just have some fun.


Enjoy your kids this summer. You can have fun and you don’t need money to enjoy each others company.

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