How to survive the summer with kids!

How to Survive the Summer with Kids!

I’m no expert but I am a mom of 3 kids that can be a handle full even when they are in school!

Here are some ways that can help you survive the summer with kids. Since my kids all have varying degrees of speech and language delay we plan on summer schooling them all as part of our daily routine and not all day just 1-2 hours a day. It may seem like a lot but its not and it gives them a chance to play on Mommies iPad!

1. Get out and enjoy the sun and heat! Have a picnic in your yard, yes the neighbors may think you are weird but I bet your kids will think you are the coolest parent. Be sure to enjoy watching the clouds go by pointing out the shapes!

2. Turn on the water hose and start spraying the kids! While the water is going get out the cleaning stuff and wash the car!

3. Read together. Have an indoor or outdoor reading time. Have them each select a book of their choice to share with each other.

4. On those rainy summer days build some in home tents with bed sheets. Make the forts with flat sheets and play along be a kid again.

5. Make a trip once a week to the park or even walk around the block and make a game of it. Ask your kids to find new things using the alphabet, one for each letter.

Topic: How to survive the Summer with kids

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