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Ok typically I share from my own experience or from those around me because I am a real person and I have trials and hiccups in life that I know that even just one of you can relate, I have succeeded.

You are probably wondering why am I saying this or whats the point, but I recently got a comment suggesting I should keep something to myself and that coupon bloggers is meant to share ideas.

Yes I agree that sharing ideas is what I am here for and sharing with you how to save is my mission. Have you ever looked at my tag line? It says, “Helping Others Save Money.” That is just what I try to do. I recently wrote a post about something I learned to do and I wrote it to pass it on to others that they may also do the same to help save money.

It’s important to me to help others and if I open my mouth to help others that is what my intentions are. It has taken me over 3 yrs of couponing to be where I am today.

I don’t have to cut every single coupon, I can look at a coupon and realize whether it is a valuable coupon for me, I know the typical sale cycles and I know how much we use and how much we need between sales so our family can save effectively. I did not learn this over night and I am still learning. Whenever I learn something I will pass it on.

I am not most coupon bloggers, I am myself. Many large blogs my size and larger have teams who work on their blog. I can Stand HERE and say I am a ONE person show. I type my own reviews, I do my own posts, I do my own matchups with the help of a Wonderful Company. I taught myself CSS and HTML, I designed my own blog and if you ever asked me how much I put into my blog, my answer is my time. I rather learn to do something than to pay for something for my blog and yes that may show but right now every penny we bring in is vital to our home right now.

I pay monthly for my little corner of the web. I host other blogs under me even though I am not the owner but I have them for no expense to the owners because they have their own stories to share and I can afford to do that its not much but I’m happy to do it.

I have full control of what comes on my site from paid posts, sponsored posts, giveaways, and any other helpful things I feel fits my site.

I don’t tell people they have to come to my site to get the deals or they have to listen to me. I rather have fans who are eager to learn and want to be here than those who feel I am not doing a good job. There are 100’s of frugal bloggers and everyone of them is unique and has their own voices.

So sorry for my rant but this is my blog as long as I have control and I pay for my hosting and domain!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay with me but if you feel you need to leave don’t worry I understand.

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