I’m so poor I made my kids Costumes!


I’m so poor I made my kids Costumes!

Yes you read that right, our family is very poor right now. There is alot going on and I will save you from the details but here is the honest truth. I do not having money to buy my kids costumes this year. Last year I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review costumes.

This year my son’s and daughter asked to be a Super Mario Character mostly because we just finished a Super Mario Themed Birthday Party just a month ago.

My oldest was set on Being Mario. I has asked for places to find overalls. Well unfortunately I was not able to find him a pair. But with the material my sister gave me and a hat from the photo props I had I made him Toad!

I did however find my middle child a pair of overalls and a green shirt and then I used material I had to make him his hat. He became Luigi!

My daughter on the other had has been given dress up clothes so we have a fairy and while I was adding to her collection awhile ago we had gotten a Sleeping Beauty dress similar to princess peach for $4 shipped. So she went at as Princess Peach in her mind. Don’t try to tell her otherwise!

My husband payed me a compliment and said its official I am make our Comic Con costumes when we decide to go in the future.

I simply made the kids costumes because I do not have the money to buy them costumes.

I do however recommend checking out Thrift Stores the day after Halloween because you might find them at 50% off. Last year I go a brand new Incredibles costume unfortunately it is still too big for my kids.

So did you buy or make your kids costumes this year?

luigi toad

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