In a World of Convenience

In a World of Convenience

So I was totally that mom that just walked into Walmart in her night clothes!

With in 5 mins. of me I have Food Lion, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Club and tons of restaurants and department stores.

I am so use to shopping Kroger open 24 hrs that I only shop at Wal-Mart or anywhere else if I need to. So to much my surprise I pulled up to Food Lion and got to the front door and realized they don’t open till 7am and more disturbing to me is they close at 11pm!

So yes I took myself dressed in my night clothes and drove over to Wal-mart. Why? You must be asking yourself this! Well here is the advantage of being a couponer. I buy nonperishable foods at their lowest prices so my shelves are always full but what I can’t buy in stockpile is my perishable items which the main part to my kids lunches is part of that. You can read my post on Why Pack.

So I have not been to the grocery store in about 2 weeks and now I really needed to so the kiddos had their fruit and main lunch for the week.

The hubby’s schedule is so sporadic lately that my shopping is also sporadic and even though we had borrowed a car from a friend the past couple days I cannot go shopping with my kids, lets face it my kids voices carry even if they whisper, they have a hard time lately following directions so stores are out of the question.

So yes my plan was to go to Food Lion early this morning before the kids and hubby wake up and since less people shop at Food Lion I was ok with the small amount of people who would see me in my night clothes.

So yes many people at Wal-mart saw me in my night clothes. And in a world of convienence it did not occur to me that stores actually have store hours since many of the stores near me at open early and close late or open 24/7 also I live near the airport and near a few colleges.

Thanks for reading. Have you gone to Wally word in your night clothes.

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