Journey off the Map Food Ideas

Journey off the map  snacks

Journey off the Map Food Ideas


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Very simple in deed! Take Pretzel sticks and simply place a sign in your snack tray or on the tables indicating them as Twigs. You can even refresh the kids memories that as they go about their Journey off the Map they may encounter Twigs along the way!

You can also add a handful to snack size bags with a label “Twig Snack” or variation of that. Be creative and enjoy.


Animal Crackers

Of course if you will be in the jungle or taking a journey through wilderness you might encounter Animals!!! Take a snack bag and fill with a handful of animal crackers. You can find the large bags at Wal-mart or buy them wholesale at Sam’s Club or even Costco.


straw banana


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Strawberry/Banana Worms

So this might not be the best idea for really little ones, because of the stick and because they may not want to eat something that resembles a worm! Simply take strawberries and bananas and cut them in thin slices. Take cab-bob sticks and alternating from Strawberry to banana place them on until you get the length desired. To keep these fresh you will want to freeze them and take them out the morning of the day you want to use them. These are preferably done fresh the day off.

cucumber snake

Cucumber Snakes

Again this is probably not the best snack for little ones. Simply take your Cucumber and cut into thin slices. Cut each slice in half. Lay them on the plates as shown above

palm tree

Palm Trees – Crackers and Apples

These are fun and perhaps you will get some good eaters! Take the long thin crackers you can even use the Club crackers that typically go on sale 2 for $4 at most grocery stores. Lay those on the plate one above the other. Take and apple and slice it into pieces. Arrange them above the crackers to make a Palm Tree affect.

Butterfly snacks


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Butterfly Snacks

These are to be a sure hit with the little kids. You will need a clothes pins, snack bags, grapes and gold fish or any other little snacks the little ones will love. Fill one half with one snack and the other half with another. Place the clothes pin in the middle and add some eyes and your are done. you can add some antennas to make them extra cool!

apple frog


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Apple Frogs


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