Journey off the Map Kindergarten Class Decorations

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Tree house journey off the map 2

Journey off the Map Kindergarten Class Decorations

My hubby and I get the Kindergarten class again this year and how exciting. Last year we had 19 kids in our class but this year we have a smaller group. We know we will have a minimum of 5 so we need to step up the game and invite families and friends.

Because of how our rotation is setup, we have Missions, Crafts and Music come to us. So we learned last year that our kids needed to keep moving all the time or they got bored.


Divide the room into 4 sections. I already have 3 tables in the room so I plan to use one for Crafts and the other two will go into our tree house for Bible Study.

Section 1 (Bible Study) Tree House

I plan to make the walls of two sides of the tree house (Bible Study) from cardboard. This will be placed in one corner of the room.

Tangled Branch Tree House

Well that was my plan. Now since we have moved to a smaller room, one half of the room will be the Tree house for Bible Study while the other half will be more of Shady Grove!

Here is one section of my Tree house. There will be a walkway/doorway in the middle. I have attached the sides with tape to the walls. I learned that if you use painters tape and then use a hot glue gun you can easily take it all down at the end of the week without the mess on the walls.

Journey off the Map Tree house

And here is my floor! I actually found 4-5 of these already at the church and thought I could also use some for the walls. I will need 3 for the inside of the Journey off the Map Tree House.

Bamboo flooring Journey off the Map

Section 2 Rushing Waters (Music)

Rushing Waters Decoration Ideas


rushing water decor 2


I haven’t actually spent time on creating our rushing waters area yet but will put up pictures as we get closer. Our VBS week is not until June 22nd but we will be starting to decorate June 1st. So only a few more days away until you get to see my Journey off the Map Decorations as they go up.

Section 3 Boulder Bridge(Missions)

Boulder bridge

Section 4 Shady Grove(Crafts)

Shady Grove decoration ideas


Above you will see the Pool Noodle and Serving platters that we made into flowers and mushrooms. You will need a hot glue gun and some sand. Be sure to check out other Shady Grove decorations.

Outside our room I created this fake wooden panels that read “This is the way – Walk in it” Part of the Journey off the Map theme.

Journey of the map wood palates


If you are like me and planning is a must here are some helpful resources and downloads from Lifeway to take a look at.

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