Lifeway VBS 2015 “Journey off the Map” Decoration Ideas

Journey off the Map Decoration Ideas

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map

Whew! Wasn’t Agency D3 an amazing Vacation Bible School Theme for 2014? Now that we shed our tears of excitement, now that our kiddos are moving on up, its time to start thinking about 2015. Isn’t this way to early?

Glad you ask and my answer is “NO”. 2014 VBS was the first time the hubby and I were able to plan for our room rather than being handed the material the day of or couple days before the VBS week.

If you are still working on Lifeway 2014 VBS Agency D3 you may be interested to see the decoration ideas from our church that we did.

How to spend less than $20 on Decorations

Now back to 2015 and why plan early. I even amazed myself that the hubby and I are proud to say we spent less than $20 on our decorations and supplies for our classroom for 2014. We would like to keep it that way as well for 2015. So how did we do it? Simple we planned, planned and planned some more! We need to plan now what our vision is for 2015, so we can start looking for our props and decorations as well as our supplies. The cheaper we can get everything the better and still make our room look great.

We plan on writing out our vision for the room and just like I did for Agency D3 covering all the walls with plastic tablecloths I got from Dollar Tree. I plan on doing the same. For Journey off the Map, I vision a Tree House! Believe me I can make just about anything from cardboard! I envision tons of paper flowers and vines and leaves! Waterfalls! I want to share with you some ideas that I had thought about how I would do VBS differently for next year. Check out my thoughts on changes for future VBS.

So are you ready to see how I can spend less than $20 on Decorations for our room? Well first let me tell you something that is different this year. We are decorating our room but more importantly we are also decorating the entire hallways of the church, why? Because if you can get the kids excited about the theme then they are more likely to remember what they learn. Especially if you incorporate your decorations as part of the Biblical lessons they will learn that week.

Kindergarten decoration Ideas VBS2015

Vacation Bible School Theme for Lifeway 2015 is Journey off the Map. The first day we will look at the Life of Jesus followed by the next fours days how Daniel followed his Guide and lived a life for God.

Setting – Children journey to uncharted territory where they will encounter the unexpected waiting around every bend.

Message/Theme – Children will, “need to stick close to their guides in order to survive. They will discover Jesus is the Ultimate Guide on a journey uncharted by them, but known by Him.

Each day is a theme as follows: Day at a Glance

1. Know your Guide

2. Follow your Guide

3. Trust Your Guide

4. Stay on Track

5. Keep Watching

Survival Springs (Snacks)

First make sure to take a look at the Fun and Easy Journey off the Map Snack Ideas

Journey off the map snacks


Participant Accessories (Take Home Ideas)

DIY Canteens

I saw these easy DIY Canteens on Pinterest so I decided to try my hand at making my own. Instead of buying them for $1 each at Dollar Tree I hit up a few garage sales and spent $3 on 24 that is about 12 -13 cents each. Make sure to check out the Easy DIY Canteen Tutorial

DIY Canteen Journey off the Map


Binoculars (Prop)

Journey off the map prop


Daily Carrying Sack

Journey off the map sack


One thing I wished we had last year in our class was to have some type of bag that the kids could take their items from the day home in and be easy to carry. I found these bags already in our supply closet and used the Journey off the Map large stamp. I used stamp ink markers to get the dark crisp color.

Daily Backpack

Daily backpack Journey off the map


If you are looking for a very inexpensive way for a daily bag these paper bags made into a  backpacks are a great solution. You can pick up a 50ct for $1 at Dollar Tree. I used left over scrapbooking paper that I have but you can also use construction paper for the flap and handles. Check out the Daily Backpack tutorial.

Handy Compass

Compass Journey off the map

Construction Paper Decorations (Hallways)

So my first actual props cost $.25. I found 11 x 17 green construction paper at Goodwill. I want to say there was atleast 50 sheets and I have only used half so far. My oldest son had a birthday and his theme was RIO so I made an Amazon area with tons of leaves. So I kept them all and started a storage bin to save all my decorations in! Take a look below of my leaves with green vines by using green curling ribbon. You could also use brown curling ribbon or yarn.



Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 3


Large Flowers

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 2 Large Flowers


These large flowers are simple and easy thing to make. Check out what you need and how to make by clicking Shady Grove Decoration Ideas or the picture above.Giant Flowers

Plastic Spoon Dragonflies

dragon gly vbs 2015


I absolutely had fun with these dragonflies. Very simple to make. All you need is some spoons in different colors, googly eyes, White paper or clear tissue paper and some glitter glue and gems. Check out the Dragonflies Spoon Craft Tutorial.

K Cup Flowers

Since we will be out in the wilderness exploring off the map we will be using tons of flowers. So lets make our own at a fraction of the cost and from what most people already have. Go ahead and start asking for K-Cups. Why? Because these make great daisies and very easy to make. Simply clean your k-cup and cut all the way around make slits all the way to the base about every cm apart. Then round each end of the peddles to make it look more like a daisy. To get the different colors you can glue on tissue paper or simply paint them. Add a pipe cleaner in through the hole and you now have a stem.

K-Cup Flowers

 K Cup Flower Hangings

Here is another Idea from K Cups you can make. Since I have collected hundreds, I plan on hanging these all around the hallways. They are simple to make and you can even get the kids to paint them for you!!! Check out the quick and easy K Cup Flower Hangings Tutorial.

K Cup Flowers


Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 1

Foam Flowers

I plan on lining the walls with tons of flowers and here are some that are created from the crafting foam.

Foam Flowers

Check out the Tutorial for the Foam Flowers. Simple and easy to make and great to add along the hallways so kids can walk in a Flower Garden. Kids can even help you make them.

Foam Flowers

Hallway Decorations

Here is my sneak peak to how we will be lining the hallways for our Journey off the Map theme

Journey off the map 2



Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 4

Tangled Branch Tree House (Bible Study)



Classroom Decorations

I plan on making the corner of my room into a Tree house with lots of windows so anyone can look in and see what we are doing. I will make this out of very sturdy cardboard boxes. Simply call your local appliance store and ask if they have any large boxes that you can have. You can cover the box with brown or white large sheets of paper and then a brown plastic table clothe. I had paint I found at the church in our supply room and actually this was faster painting then trying to wrap and tape. I have a couple grass skirts that I actually found at Goodwill and paid around 20 cents each that I will use for the roof. Check out my Journey off the Map Tree House Tutorial.

Journey off the Map Tree house

You can see my grass skirts below that I am using for the roof.

grass skirt journey off the map

To go with our Journey off the Map I have this handy Ranger hat! I also found a couple of Blow up animals such as a parrot, sea horse, flamingos and turtle.

Journey off the map Ranger


sea horse


Just outside our classroom we have made a Wooden Pallet from Cardboard that reads “This is the way – Walk in it

A very simple and easy to make prop that can add to the Journey off the Map theme. Check out the tutorial here.

Journey of the map wood palates

Shady Grove (Crafts)

Shady Grove decoration ideas

VBS15_Theme_Grove_2-300x242   Check out my first idea for Shady Grove – My class rotation stays in our room and the crafts come to us so one wall and area of our room will be designated for Shady Grove. How to make a fake Palm Tree or Weeping Willow Tree.

Shady Grove Flower Journey off the Map


Rushing Waters (Music) Decoration Ideas

Rushing Waters Decoration Ideas

Music Rotation Journey off the Map – This info might help you.Raveline Rapids

Boulder Bridge (Missions) Ideas

Boulder bridge

The Overlook (Worship Rally)

coming soon

Rappeling Ravine (Recreation)

survival springs 2


Coming Soon

VBS Leadership Meetings

Get your volunteers excited by decorating the meetings. Give your workers Ideas on how to decorate their rooms.

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 5

Lifeway VBS 2015 Journey off the Map 6

Take the journey! LifeWay’s VBS takes your kids to uncharted territory where they will begin to understand that obedience to God can lead them beyond the expected. So, toss the map, stick close to your guide, and prepare to listen for God’s direction in this journey that is unknown to us, but known by Him.

VBS Motto:  This is the way. Walk in it.

VBS Scripture: Isaiah 30:21 And whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way. Walk in it.” (HCSB) So what else have you thought of so far for 2015? Below are some of the items you can find at Lifeway stores to enhance your Journey off the Map VBS week. Journey off the Map Lifeway

Journey off the Map Lifeway 2

End of VBS Party Ideas

Coming Soon

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  1. Erin Greene

    My husband and I have just been recruited to direct the VBS at our church in 2015, and we’re super excited! I would love to see all of your ideas on decorations for Journey off the Map!

    1. Bert Murch

      Instead of the large sheets of foam board which are expensive we are using the 1/2 inch cardboard found on large watermelon containers found at Costco. You can cut pieces as large as 26 inches by 6 feet and piece them together as needed. They are then easy to paint or cover with crumpled brown craft paper.

  2. Gayle

    I will begin decorating for this VBS starting next week. I love seeing your ideas and my mind is already working at how I can incorporate them into what I have already planned. Thank you for your pictures and ideas.

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