July Stock-up Items!

July Stock-up Items. These are the items you will see at their lowest price of the year and high value coupons to accompany them. Keep an eye on your coupons because this is the month we will see coupons to make these items cheap. You have Fourth of July so you will see all the picnic/BBQ items on sale and at their cheapest this month. These items will also be on the ends of isle as well as having their own special sections at stores.

July Stock-up Items!

Your prices may vary and this is just a guideline.




Potato Chips


Baked Beans – $.75 buy price; $.50 Stock-up Price

Salad Dressing – $.75 buy price; $.25 Stock-up Price


-Ketchup – $.50 buy Price for 64oz; $.25 or FREE Stock-up Price

-Mustard – $.75 buy price; Free Stock-up Price

-Mayo – $1.25 buy price; $.75 Stock-up Price

-A1 Steak Sauce – $1.99 buy price; $.99 Stock-up Price

-BBQ Sauce – $.50 buy price; FREE Stock-up Price

Tabasco Sauce $.75 buy price; $.25 Stock-up Price


Hotdogs $.99 buy Price for 8pk; $.49 stock-up price

Hamburger 93% Lean Ground Beef $2.25/lb

80% Ground Beef $1.79/lb

Ground Chuck $1.99/lb



















-Green Onions

-Green Peppers

-Lima Beans






-Green Beans


Non-Food Items


Paper Plates


Plastic Utensils



Back to School Supplies

*Suggested stores will be in () this is based on 2010 Store Sales for the months of June, July, August

Backpack $9 Buy Price (Walgreens); $3.99 Stock-up Price (Target, K-mart, Wal-mart)

Basic Pens 10 ct $1 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (Office Max, Walgreens)

Color Pencils 12pk $1 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (K-mart, Target, Wal-mart)

Composition Books $.50 Buy Price (Target); $.20 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Walgreens)

Crayola Paints $1.50 Buy Price (Walgreens); $1 Stock-up Price (Target, Wal-mart)

Crayola Crayons 24pk $.50 Buy Price (K-mart); $.25 Stock-up Price (Target, Wal-mart)

Crayola Markers 10pk $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Kmart, Wal-mart, Target)

Dry Erase Markers 4pk $2.50 Buy Price; $.2 Stock-up Price

Elmer’s Glue $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target, K-mart)

Envelopes $.69 Buy Price; $.50 Stock-up Price (Walgreens, Staples)

Erasers $1/5 Buy Price; $.15 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Filler Paper 130 sheets $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Walgreens, Target, Staples,

Glue Sticks 3pk $.50 Buy Price; $.25 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target, K-mart)

Highlighters 6pk $1.50 Buy Price; $.99 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Hard Plastic Pencil Box $1 Buy Price (Anywhere); $.50 Stock-up Price (Target, Walgreens)

Kid Scissors $.50 Buy Price (Target); $.20 Stock-up Price (Office Max)

Liquid White-Out $1.50 Buy Price; $.59 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Lunch bag $12 Buy Price; $7.99 Stock-up Price (Target, K-mart)

Pencils Yellow 10pk $.33 Buy Price; $.15 Stock-up Price (Kmart, Walgreens)

Pencil Sharpeners $.39 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.25 Stock-up Price (Office Max)

Posterboard 3/$1 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.25 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Ruler $.25 Buy Price (K-mart); $.09 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Sheet Protectors 10pk $1 Buy Price; $.29 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Tabbed Dividers $.75 Buy Price; $.39 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

2 Pocket Folders $.09 Buy Price (Office Depot, Wal-mart); $.01 Stock-up Price (Staples)

3 Ring Binder 1 in. $1 Buy Price (Target, Walmart); $.39 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

1 Subject Notebook $.25 Buy Price (Walgreens); $.10 Stock-up Price (Wal-mart, Target)

5 Subject Notebook $2 Buy Price; $1.49 Stock-up Price (Walgreens)

Disclaimer: These prices are mere guidelines and are based on 2010 MSM receipts, sales and
help from coupon shoppers

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