Just a few days before Christmas

Just a few days before Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

If you have been following me for awhile you know we have had an adventure of life this year and the past 3 yrs. Well because of circumstances our income depleted and has left minimal to do anything.

Because of wonderful things happening we were able to get a few gifts for the kids thanks to a church, friends and Madame Deals $100 Story.

Because of other family circumstances we are able to hitch a ride to see other family members out of state. We certainly don’t have the money to travel so we are hitching a ride and very greatful. This will be┬áthe first year my hubby has not worked on Christmas Day. We are spending it with family.

So here I am saying that I wish you all a Merry and Wonderful Christmas. Moms Saving Money Facebook and Twitter pages will have regularly posted deals, coupon matchups and much more but I want to be honest here with you. I physically will be on very minimal. So just know that if you send a message, request I will not be responding for a few days.

I need to soak up the time I get to spend with family. You all are important to me so I will have everything scheduled so you can still learn and save.

Merry Christmas. Thank you all for being such great fans and I look forward to bringing in the new year with you in a week. Take Care.


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