Keep Giving

Christmas has come, the gift are open and now time for clean up.

Do not stop giving. Besides working on my blog I have a job outside of the home and very grateful for it. I get presented  often with families in need and unfortunately not all needs are able to be met. So I want to encourage you not to stop giving.

Yes Christmas comes only once a year in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus who continues to give to us all the time. Lets continue in His example and give all year in 2015.

Last year my family relocated because one thing led to another, our finances, home, car, just about everything was in shambles. It has taken my hubby and I more than a year to finally get our debt on track and slowly being able to support our family. We have a long way still to go.

We were in no position last year to help others and barely helped ourselves. The idea being able to help all year was not in sight. Worrying about finances is stressful and will take alot out of you. I want to tell you that is you have just $1 a month to spare you can give all year long as well.

I’m not asking you to sponsor a child or give to any particular organization. You get to decide who you want to bless and how. I want to tell you about a few ways you can help others or give and I know you can come up with more ideas.

Let me tell you about my goal for 2015. Every year we help pack Christmas Shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and in the past we have only done 3 boxes because we have 3 kids and frankly that was a struggle for us financially to do.

Well this year we spent around the same amount as previous years but have filled 12 boxes. How did we do it? Well all year as I have gone through stores, I scour the clearance areas for items under $1. I check out yard sales, I ask for donations of toys from McD’s and other kid’s meals, I shop Dollar Tree.

You can even score brand new in the package toys at Thrift Shops for change. Be creative and keep your eyes open. Word of advice make sure you have boxes or containers to collect your items. Label them so you know when the time comes you can find them easier.

I don’t know what our goal for our family for 2015 of how many boxes to fill but I can tell you this we have enough for at least 20 right now and have only spent maybe $10.

This is not just toys. I have started collecting toothpaste and toothbrush coupons and with Dollar Tree and grocery store sales like Kroger you can score them for $.25 – $50 each.

Our church goal was 200 and we were able to fill 175 collectively. I suspect the goal will be 200 again but I plan to encourage to break that goal and surpass it. I know for our family we can fill many with just a little planning. So this year each month we are going to promote 1 item each month for basics to fill boxes. And although we will pick up other items along the way we will set a goal on how many to get.

When you break up a goal into smaller parts it is easier to spend a $1 here and there rather than all at once when you are trying to pay bills, buy your own family gifts, traveling and so on.

Here are some basic items to place in shoe boxes

Small Toy – age appropriate




Soap bar

Wash cloth

Color pencils/pens

Writing pad/coloring pad

Small hard candy


Hair Brush or comb

Girl items – jewelry, dolls, sewing kits

Boys items – tools, calculator, flashlight, keychains, board games


So lets get back to how you can give to others all year long. Take a $1  a month and place in an envelope and hand it to a random person. The possibilities are endless so please continue to give all year and not just during the holidays. You never know when that dollar may come in handy for someone.

Please leave comments below on other ways to give to others.

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