Kermit Invitation Tutorial

Are you revving up for a Muppet Party? The Famous Kermit the Frog was Jim Henson’s most famous Muppet Creation and first introduced in 1955. We all have stories remembering various Muppet moments, but you will never forget Kermit. He is witty and the leader that keep the Muppets together through good times and hard times. This is a simple Kermit Invitation Tutorial

Kermit Invitation Tutorial


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Kermit Invitation Tutorial

Are you excited just as much as I am about Muppets Most Wanted? I can’t wait till I can go see it. Who is your favorite Muppet character?

Ok enough about Kermit and the Muppet’s Movie and now onto the fun party. Let learn together how easy it is to make your own Kermit the Frog Invitations

What you Need:

  • Green, Red, Pink, White and Black Cardstock
  • Double sided tape or scrap booking glue

How to Make:

1. First take your card stock and cut out your Kermit the Frog Shapes for the Invitations. You can find the image available in the Moms Saving Money Store.

2. Now that you have your pieces glue/attach your Green base to the White base.

3. Attach the red mouth to the middle on top of the green base.

4. Attach the pink tongue on the mouth.

5. Attach the white eyeballs.

6. Attach the black to the white eyeballs.

That is it! You are done!

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