Lazarus Craft Tutorial Game On VBS 2018

Are you looking for a simple and very cheap alternative craft for preschoolers for Lifeway’s VBS 2018 Game On? Then you have have the perfect craft for Day 2. This Lazarus Craft Tutorial will show you how easy and very cheap it is to make. This craft is meant to help enhance the Bible Study for Day 2.

Game On Alternative Craft Idea Day 2


Lazarus Craft Tutorial

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Lazuras Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This is a simple craft that can be used for the preschool children.Lazarus Craft VBS 2018

What you Need:

  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • White strips of streamer or toilet paper
  • Tape
  • Googley Eyes

Lazarus Supplies

How to Make:

  1. Cut the streamers in strips in length as desired. There is no better pricing than Dollar Tree! 2 pack of 70 ft for $1

White Crepe Paper Streamers, 70½-ft., 2-ct. Packs

2. Get googly eyes from Dollar Tree.

Lazarus with Googley eyes

3. Use glue dots or tape for kids to attach their strips to the toilet paper.

Lazarus with Wrap

Get the entire Lazarus Craft Tutorial with pictures here.

Lazarus Craft VBS 2018 Game On

Start now and request your church to save their rolls. Have a designated container to collect at the church.

GAME ON Day 2 Bible Study

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