LEGO Juice Boxes Tutorial

LEGO Drink

LEGO Juice Boxes Tutorial

What you Need:

– Juice Boxes (Unopened)

– Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Cardstock or Wrapping paper

– Double Sided Tape

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Pencil

– Circle Shape (cutable shape or you can trace and cut out)


How to Make:

1. Make sure your juice boxes are filled and unopened. First you will need to measure your juice box height and length on all four sides added together. Take your straw off but leave it unopened if possible.

LEGO Juice Box

2. Measure your paper using a ruler and pencil for the rectangle shape to cover the juice box. Use your scissors to cut it out. You can save time by using a paper cutter if you already have one on hand.

3. Take your double-sided tape and place at the bottom and top of the juice box. Line up your paper and press down. Wrap all the way round and place two more pieces of tape to complete the wrap.

LEGO Juice Box Wrap

4. Take your circle shape to trace and cut out the circles or cut the circles on your cutting machine. You can either use the double sided tape to place your circles on in two rows or you can use the Foam Dots that can be found in the scrap-booking section of a Craft store. The foam circles will create a 3D effect.

LEGO Juice Box Circles

That is it! You are done!

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