LEGO Party Ideas

Everyone is Awesome! Do you hear that singing in your mind when you think of LEGO’s? I sure do. Help your precious little one to have a fabulous LEGO theme with these simple LEGO Party Ideas.


Batman Party Ideas that will enhance your LEGO theme party to add to a LEGO Move theme.

LEGO Party Ideas

Emmett Vest Tutorial

Emmett Vest Tutorial (LEGO Movie) Have you seen the LEGO Movie – Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome, when we are living our dreams. Make everything awesome with these simple and cool Emmett Vests. Check out the Emmett Vest Tutorial


LEGO Movie Paper Cups

LEGO Movie Paper Cups Tutorial Make your LEGO party fun with these cute LEGO Head paper Cups.  Check out the LEGO Movie Paper Cups Tutorial.

lego wall

LEGO Wall Decoration

LEGO Wall courtesy of my friend LaurieAnne who is so creative and made a great party for her son’s 6th birthday. Check out the LEGO Wall Decoration Tutorial.


LEGO Door Tutorial

lego head

LEGO Movie Favor Bag

LEGO Movie Favor Bag Tutorial LEGO’s are a huge hit lately and with these easy to make favor bags you can make the party extra special. LEGO Movie Favor Bag Tutorial.


LEGO Balloon

LEGO Batman Mask PNG

LEGO Movie Mask


LEGO Banner

LEGO Drink

LEGO Juice Boxes


LEGO Egg Decoration


LEGO Pinata Tutorial

LEGO Pinata

Batman Pinata

LEGO Batman Pinata