Letter A Alphabet Color Sheet Printable

letter A

Letter A Alphabet Color Sheet Printable

Are you eager to get your child on the right track to learning. You don’t have to send your child to school to learn. You are more than capable of teaching your own child simple basic items like the alphabet, numbers, shapes and food. You already are a great teacher, even if you don’t think your child is learning from you, observe them for a day and you will see how much they mimic you and how much you are a huge influence to them.

This is a great resource tool for you to print on your own to help your child learn the letter A. Print as many as you want and hand to other parents of small children.

remember children learn by repetitive learning so its ok to revisit the letter A and continue to say and draw it with your child. You will always be their greatest teacher even if they don’t say or show it. They are watching you.

A for Apple

Early learners will do a great job learning the letter A with this FREE printable.

Get your Letter A Alphabet Color Sheet Printable

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