Life is an adventure!

Yes life is an adventure. Yup life at my house is always an adventure. When it seems our life will slow down something else happens. It started in October 2009 when my mother was admitted to critical care intensive care unit because she had double pheneuma and swine flu.

It is still vivid in my mind, everyone in the unit the week my mother was admitted had passed away. It has horrible my kids nor my sisters kids could not go into see her. A triage emergency unit was built to assist with the enormous amount of patients in Meridian, Idaho it made national news.

My mother was placed an induced coma, she had many blood transfusions, A tracheotomy put in, suffered many strokes, renal failure, respiratory failure and much more.

Fortunately my kids were able to see my mother in great health the week before since we were there as a family visiting for my high school 10 yr Reunion. My hubby, myself and kids flew back to the east coast and left the kids and came back 2 days later  and stayed for 2 weeks.

If you don’t know the story my mothers a walking miracle. Today you would not know she has suffered several strokes, she had to learn to walk again, she had to learn to talk again, she has a lot Of health issues but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her.

Well after this it took my mother till December to be released. She had ups and downs but a miracle she is alive and doing well considering all that happened.

Well we also moved houses at the same time our landlord decided to sell so we were having to deal with moving and then my inlaws had life alternating circumstances that we helped with support and eventually moved in 2010 and then the following spring my sisters family moved from Idaho to Virginia and stayed with us for awhile till they found a place. Then because we were renting from a military family they asked that we move out early which we did and had a hard time finding a place so moved in with my sisters family till we found a place. Then this brings us up to 2012 where once again we are moving to no fault of our own. It was a bad situation brought on from others and we are doing our best to accommodate the situation so in 2 weeks we will be moving into a new place that will hopefully be more permanent for awhile.

In the mix of all this my two sons had problems getting refferels for speech services, we’ve gone thru tons of testing, many ER visists with our kids and so this move we had to take into consideration of the services they are getting since we didn’t want them to lose them or be retested. We also made a trip to Georgia to pick up a family who had nothing and needed a fresh start in January this year. We also had grad schooling in the mix plus all the car maintenance and new vehicles and a death of a grandparent. Helping others with car break downs, moves, and delays with our children.

And my mother has gone in and out of the hospital for kidney failure and now recently has dialysis 3 times a week and it didn’t help that we lost power for a week from the derecho.

So yeah life has been adventure and hasn’t let up.

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