Lifeway Galactic Starveyors VBS 2017 Day 1 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Rebecca Autry

I am a Christian mom that loves to create and save money. Give me cardboard and tape and I will create. Give me coupons and I will show you how to find a great price. I like expressing love to others with cards, decorations and savings. I enjoy having fun and yes I bleed Blue and Orange! Go Broncos!

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  1. Elena says:

    I NEED PayPal!!! 😀

  2. Elena says:

    I would buy tons of stuff for my kids, like I always do LOL 😉 Or maybe just lots of chocolate…

  3. Mary Beth Smith says:

    I am concerned because you use the paraphrase of Colossians 15,16 and have the children read it as a “verse”. It is not a Scripture verse and should not be used as one.

    • This is from the Lifeway Kindergarten Material from the packets. You have to gauge the group you have and use the paraphrased verse accordingly. When you look at the material Lifeway places Kindergarten with preschool and they shorten the verses. Grades 1-6 are given the full verse. Until I actually see which children I have and go through the material I’m not sure what I will use. Last year I had 19 in my class and it was quit difficult, each year is different.

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is awesome! I stumbled upon your blog when my son was trying to tell me about what he learned today in VBS.

  5. Karen says:

    Rebecca. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information. I’ d love to see how you’d manage the mission rotation. This will be the first time I work there and I am a lil stuck. Thanks, I learned a lot.

    • Our VBS is not until the end of July but I can tell you that with Kindergarten we have a retired principal that is absolutely wonderful. He will show the DVD and both stories but then he draws out the bible story for the day and incorporates local and international missions into the bible story. He has the kids add to the picture. They come out great. He keeps their attention and I think they get more out of that then the activities we do during lesson time. Best of Luck to you.

  6. ashley says:

    The PDF for grades 1-2 will not show for me. Can you please email it to me? Thank you so much!

  7. Janet says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am teaching 3s-PreK, and have that packet, but a Kindergarten book and a 1-2 Grade book. Trying to make sense of it all and figure out which pack items go with which instructions is exasperating. Now I know that my giant star is equivalent to your star map overlay. Thanks again.

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