Lifeway Tangled Branch Tree House Decoration

Journey off the Map Tree house

Lifeway Tangled Branch Tree House Decoration

You can do tons with cardboard to make a Tree house. What makes a great Roof? A Luau umbrella Cover. Ok well this is originally designed to fit over an existing umbrella but I am using it for my roof. Much like using a umbrella without the fabric for the palm trees I will use straws that hold my cover and have its sticking out from the room.

Last year I made an Evidence Vault in the Corner of the room. This theme I made the Tangled Branch Tree House so we can have our Bible Study time in it. It is much bigger than our Evidence Vault since we will actually be using it.

We anticipate a smaller group for our age group so we have changed rooms. I am now in a much smaller room but still plan on making the most of it. We still make the Tree house but not all four walls. We only made one wall and that is the front opening area with windows.

What you Need:

– Lots of cardboard for the Treehouse

– Packaging tape

– 2 different brown paints

– Black paint

– Green grass skirts found at Dollar Tree

How to Make:

1. First grab your desired large boxes that are for the base of each side. You can cut them down to size.

2. Cut the sides of the window frames for each base. I created two bases that I will attach to the walls. This will be my front of the tree house. The in between the bases will be the door way.

3. Next paint all your pieces both front and back with the light brown.

4. Take the dark drown and swipe all over the boards but leave areas you can see the lighter brown.

5. Take black paint and draw line either horizontal or vertical. Make sure to add some knots in by making them circular.

treehouse wall paint base

6. Use cardboard small long pieces to tape to the bends to keep them straight.

treehouse back


7. For the flooring I found this bamboo shade at Goodwill and paid about $.50 for it. There are some holes in it but not too bad. I will cover that with some tape and paint over it.

Bamboo flooring Journey off the Map


Tangled Branch Tree House




That is it! Have fun!


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