Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 2 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 2 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Jesus Saw the Woman at the Well

Let’s Dive In

Play “everything About Me” (track 1). Remind kids that some of the words in the song match words in the Bible (Psalm 139:23-24). Invite your divers to stand whenever they sing Bible verse and to sit during the other parts of the song.

Show the Remark-a-ball. Explain that the kids will toss the ball to one another. When you say, “Stop” the diver holding the ball say the picture closest to their right thumb. Guide the divers to show their right thumb. Lead them to stand in a circle. Toss the ball to a diver and encourage them to toss it to another diver in the circle. Continue on for a few turns. Then say “stop.”

Ask the diver holding the ball to identify the picture closest to their right thumb. Ask the diver to tell something about themselves using the following prompts for each picture. Clock- tell your favorite thing to do at school; Hands – Tell your favorite activity the uses your hands.

Point to yesterday’s story words (pack item 10) on the “Observation Window.” Guide the divers to read each word.


Pack Item 10 Story Words Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016 Kindergarten


Show Bible Story Picture 1 (pack item 1) and quickly recall the story about Zacchaeus. Tell the divers today they will hear about another person Jesus knew.

Zacchaeus Bible Story Picture Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Tell the Bible Story

Show a paper cup. Ask kids when they would use a cup (when they are thirsty). Ask: “When do you get thirsty?” Allow the divers to answer.

Submerged Paper Cups Kindergarten class

Give each diver a small paper cup. Encourage them to pretend to drink water from their cups whenever they hear Jesus’ name in the Bible story. Have them also listen for who was thirsty.

Open the Bible to John 4 and tell the Bible Story in your own words. Pause at Jesus’ name for the divers to pretend to take a drink of water.

Ask the divers to place their cups under their chairs. Point to Jesus’ name on the “Observation Window” (pack item 9 from Day 1). Ask a diver to tell what Jesus did in today’s Bible Story.

Pack Item 9 Observation Window Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Show today’s story words, one at a time (disciples, town, well, and woman). Encourage the divers to read the words out loud. Invite a diver to tell how the word fits into the Bible Story. Then attach the word to the Observation Window.

Pack Item 10 Story Words Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016 Kindergarten

Show the Bible Story Picture 2 (pack item 2). Remind the divers “Jesus talked with the woman. She was surprised that Jesus knew all about here and the things she had done. Jesus even knew the wrong things that she had done.”

Pack Item 2 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Ask the divers to line up facing the shark for a review game. Allow each child an opportunity to try to toss a beanbag through the shark’s mouth. If a diver misses, they will move to the back of the line and wait for another turn. If they make it, ask a question about the Bible Story for the group to answer.

Shark Mouth pack item

Review Questions

  • Where did Jesus sit to rest?
  • Who came to the well while Jesus was there?
  • What did Jesus Ask the woman?
  • Why was the woman surprised that Jesus talked to her?
  • What did Jesus tell the woman?
  • Who did Jesus tell the woman He was?
  • What did the woman do after Jesus talked to her?
  • What did the people ask Jesus to do?

Life Application

Remind the divers that Jesus knew everything about the woman and He knows us, too. Comment, “Jesus knows everything about me. He knows everything about you. He knows what your do and think. He even knows the things that other people do not know about you. Jesus knows everything about us. He loves us.”

Read the Book Jesus Loves Me (pack item 29), then sing “Jesus Loves Me” Track 4.


Jesus Loves Me Book Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Pray, thanking God for Jesus and His love for every person.

Bible Verse Activity

Show the Verse Poster (pack item 11) and point to each word as you read the verse to your divers. Then say the verse all together.


Pack Item 11 Lifeway Submerged Kindergarten

Demonstrate how to make “fish lips” using your thumb and index finger to press your cheeks together and compress your lips. Guide divers to make fish lips and say the verse.

Say the verse again as if underwater. Demonstrate how to quickly move your index finger up and down over your lips while you speak. Lead divers to say the verse while “underwater talking”

Invite divers to spin the spinner on Card 2 of the Dive Kit to discover other underwater ways to say the verse (example moving like a jelly fish, etc.)

Dive Kit Submerged VBS 2016

Move Together

Invite divers to pick up the cups from under the chairs. Lead them to hold the cups to their mouths like a megaphone and shout: “Jesus knows everything about me.”

Play “Creature Feature” (track 5) challenge divers to do the movements of each animal in the song while balancing the cups on their heads.

Make Discovery Bottles

Group each type of object together in a separate bowl.

Help a diver pour water into their bottle (hold the funnel) fill until it is hallway full. Guide the divers to place the letters J-E-S-U-S in the bottle. Take a look at these substitutes.

  • print letters on plain beads with a permanent maker
  • use only a j bead instead of entire JESUS
  • form a J out of chenille stems
  • print JESUS directly onto the outside of the bottle with a permanent maker.
  • place a sticker with Jesus’ name on the outside of the bottle.
  • cut strips of clear plastic like transparency film to fit inside the bottle. Print the letters or Jesus’ entire name on strips with a permanent marker.

Allow them to add whatever they choose to their discovery bottle. Each diver can put in as much or as little as they choose. Seal the lid with tape when finished.

Open the Bible and talk about the Bible Story. Mention that Jesus asked the woman for water. While they talked, Jesus told the woman the things she had done. Jesus told her He is God’s Son.

Provide small paper squares for the divers to write or draw pictures about Jesus. Tie them around the necks of the bottles.

Invite the divers to explore the book Deep Sea Dive (Pack Item 30).

Deep Sea Dive


Play a Game

Place the Bible Verse Marker (pack item 6) in the Bible at Psalm 139. Prepare the gameboard, game pieces, and cube according to the instructions on each item. Place the “Start” gameboard piece on the floor and the other gameboard pieces in a bag.

Pack Item 6 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Lead divers to choose submarines (playing pieces) and place them on Start. The first diver rolls the cube and moves along the path. If they reach the end of the path, they may draw another gameboard piece from the bag and place it on the floor to continue their turn. Divers continue to build the gameboard as they play, arranging the pieces in any order they choose.

Guide divers to tell something about themselves if they land on a starfish. (offer prompts if needed). Open the Bible and read the first part of the verse. Remind divers that God knows Everything about them.

Add variations to the game for example, divers do a movement for the group to mimic when they land on a starfish space. Ask divers for ideas to adapt to the game.

Sing “Everything About Me” (track 1). Encourage kids to sing the verse with you.

Bible Verse Ring Toss

Print the Bible verse words on the cups ( one or two per cup). Arrange the cups on the floor with space in between ring toss. Tape a tossing line a few feet away from the cups. Cut the centers from several paper plates to make rings. I recommend the larger plates and not the dessert plates.

Invite a diver to toss the rings toward the cups. Challenge them to read the words on any cups they ring. Guide each diver to retrieve the cups they ring after their turn. Once all have been collected, read the verse from the poster and work together to put the cups in order. Tell divers that God knows every one of them and God will help them.

Read the words on the first cup. Allow divers to take turns trying to ring that cup. Continue in the like fashion to ring the cups in order. Add the verse words on the rings, too (same number of words per ring as on the cups). Challenge diver to toss each ring on the matching cup.

Read Story Words

Stack the word cards from Day 1 and Day 2 face down in the goggles. (Either remove the “Story Words” from the”Observation Window” in the group time area or print the words on paper squares.) Mark today’s Bible Story with the appropriate marker.

Submerged Goggles

Give two divers each a swim fin. Draw the top story word from the pile and lay it faceup in front of the divers. The first diver to read the word out loud and whack it with his swim fin gets the card.

Repeat the other words, Sort the words according to the two Bible Stories. Point out that Jesus is in both stories.

Say, “Jesus knew Zacchaeus. Jesus knew the woman Jesus knows us.” Open the Bible to John 4. Recall what Jesus told the woman.

Place the story words around the room on the floor. Say one of the words. Divers can hunt for the word and whack it with swim fins when they find it.

Provide index cards and markers. Invite kids to make additional word cards about the Bible Stories to add to the game.

Closing Group Time

Print the Story Words on table tennis balls. Drop the balls into a dishpan of water. Add additional words from the story if desired.

Prepare cups with Bible verse words (if not used during Bible learning activities). Place the “Sea-life Cards” in a bag (or in the pockets of the Giant Inflatable Game Cube).

Pack Item 25 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Review the Verse

Lead divers to read the verse together from the Verse Poster.

Remind divers of the game from Day 1 in which they tried to say the verse before the bubble hit the floor. Blow a bubble high in the air and say the verse. Blow another bubble, lower than the first. Challenge divers to say the verse again before the bubble reaches the floor. Place the verse words (on cups) around the room. Instruct each child to stand near one of the cups. Say the verse together slowly. When the first word is said, the diver nearest that word may step on the cup to flatten it. Continue with all the words.

Review the Bible Story

Display the Bible story picture.

Pack Item 2 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Invite diver to use the ladle to fish out a ball from the dishpan. Read the word on the ball, then call on a diver to recall part of the Bible story that includes the word. Return the word to the dishpan and choose another diver. Continue as time permits. Remind divers that Jesus knew everything about the woman – all the things she had done. Jesus told her about God’s love. Mention that Jesus knows everything about each diver, too.

Play “God Knows All About Me” (track 3) and lead divers to sing along.

Pray Together

Tell each driver that Jesus loves them. Say ” Jesus Loves you, _______.” Pray, thanking God for loving everyone.

Play the Movement Game

Play “Sea Exploration Music” (track 6). Guide divers to move to the music (in place). Stop the music and pull out a “Sea-life Card.” Lead divers to pose like sea animal pictured on the card.

Start the music and move again. Stop and strike a pose. Continue playing while waiting for parents to arrive.


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