Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 3 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 3 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Jesus Saw Niccodemus

Introduce the Bible Story

Explain to the divers that in order to play the game, they need to listen to and answer questions. Point to Jesus’ name on the “Observation Window” (from Day 1). Tell divers that today’s Bible story is about someone who asked questions and Jesus answered them.

Pack Item 9 Observation Window Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Show today’s story words, one at a time. Read the word and guide the divers to repeat the word back to you. Encourage kids to listen carefully for these words during the Bible Story.

Pack Item 10 Story Words Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016 Kindergarten

Tell the Bible Story

Open the Bible to the story marker. Show the name Nicodemus on the marker and lead divers to compare it to the one on the Observation Window.

Pack Item 6 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Explain that Nicodemus is the name of the man who came to see Jesus. Guide divers to repeat the name after you. Encourage them to whisper, “Nicodemus.” every time they hear his name mentioned in the Bible study.

Hold the Bible open as you tell the Bible story. Pause briefly each time you say Nicodemus for the kids to whisper his name.

Pray and Sing

Remind divers that God sent His Son, Jesus, so that everyone could understand how much God loves the. Play “Do You Know That” (Track 2). Encourage divers to sing softly with the CD with the following motions.

Review the Bible Story

Show the Bible story picture and encourage divers to tell what they remember about the Bible story.

Pack Item 3 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Arrange the “Story Words” face-up on the floor, (include Jesus from Day 1). Tell divers “I will say a statement with a blank. Choose the word that fills in the blank.”

Call on a diver to find the word that completes each statement (words may be used more than once).

  • Nicodemus went to talk to _____. (Jesus)
  • Nicodemus and Jesus talked late at _____. (night)
  • _____ was a church leader who tried to do what was right. (Nicodemus)
  • Nicodemus learned that Jesus is _____. (God’s Son)
  • Jesus answered all of Nicodemus’ _____. (questions)
  • Nicodemus believed what _____ said. (Jesus)
  • _____ helped bury Jesus’ body when Jesus died. (Nicodemus)
  • Jesus is alive and He is ____. (God’s Son)

Allow kids to add the words to the “Observation Window”

Think About Choices

Distribute Dive Slates and dry erase markers (from Dive Kits) to each child.

Dive Kit Submerged VBS 2016

Remind kids that Nicodemus was a church leader and a good man. He wanted to do what was right, but he still made wrong choices. Everyone makes wrong choices. Pull a situation card from the bag and allow divers to describe what is happening in the picture. Lead the group to think of possible choices that could be made in that situation.

Call out one possible choice and ask divers to decide if it is a right choice or wrong choice. Encourage divers to draw a happy face on their Dive Slates for a right choice and a sad face for a wrong choice. Repeat with the other situation cards. Comment: “God had a plan for Nicodemus. He has plans for you too. You can choose to love and obey God.”

Say the Bible Verse

Point to the verse with the missing words. Group kids into pairs and instruct each pair to find one word and bring it back to the group time area.

Guide divers to fill in the missing words, using the “Verse Poster” as a reference. Read the completed verse together. Then remove one or two words and lead divers to say the whole verse, filling in the blanks. Gradually remove words until all words are gone and divers can say the verse from memory.

Pack Item 11 Lifeway Submerged Kindergarten

Paint Undersea Messages

Invite divers to create messages to tell people about God and Jesus. Lead them to draw pictures or print words with white crayons on white paper. When they have finished their messages, they may paint the thin blue paint over the paper to reveal their messages.

Suggest a diver write the Bible verse on their message. Open the Bible to the verse marker and read the verse to divers. Say “Jesus answered Nicodemus understand His plan. God has a plan for you, too.”

Provide small fish stickers for kids to add to their messages, either before painting or after the paint dries. Look together at the pictures on the back of Card 3 (Dive Kit). Talk about making right choices. Ask Children to identify a right choice they could make related to each picture.

Play A Periscope Game

Make a few portholes (DIY resources) and tape them around the room at a diver’s eye-level. Slide two “Sea-life Cards” into two portholes leaving the other portholes empty.

Tape the Bible story picture and the remaining “Sea-life Cards” (at an adult eye-level or slightly higher) to the walls around the room.

Pack Item 25 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Guide divers to use periscopes to spy sea-life around the room. After divers experiment with the periscopes, say: “I spy a sea animal with a shell.” Encourage kids to use the periscope to find the sea turtle picture.

Allow divers to take turns giving “I spy” clues of things for other to find. Say “I spy a Bible story.” When divers find the picture, briefly review the story of Nicodemus.

Give “I spy” clues for story words on the “Observation Window” Describe a word by its letters or by its meaning. Invite divers to explore the book Deep Sea Dive (pack item 30) using periscopes (or not).

Deep Sea Dive

Bunk In A Submarine

Create a Submarine similar to the one on page 46 of your booklet. Arrange the submarine and accessories in a corner of the room with lots of space for the divers to play and pretend. Mark the Bible Story in the Bible. Guide divers to pretend to explore the ocean environment. They may want to put on the scuba gear and “swim” to different areas of the room to view the sea life there. Lead divers to return to the submarine to rest. Say: “Submarine explorers sleep in bunks or rocks.” Encourage divers to play out living nd sleeping in a submarine.

Comment that Nicodemus came to see Jesus late night. Nicodemus had lots of questions to ask Jesus. Jesus talked about God’s plan.

Read the book Jesus Loves Me (pack item 29). Explain the God has a plan for each diver. The plan may include the kind of job one will have as an adult. Encourage divers to talk about what they want to do when they grow up. Provide periscopes and play “Sea Exploration Music” (track 6) to enhance play.

Jesus Loves Me Book Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Write in Sand

Lay a colored piece of paper in each tray or box. Pour a thin layer of sand over the paper to completely cover it. Place the trays near the “Observation Window.” Guide kids to use paintbrushes to write the story words. As they brush the sand, they can see the paper through the sand and make “colored lines.”

Talk about today’s story words. Encourage kids to tell you what they remember about Nicodemus. Say: “Jesus told Nicodemus believed what Jesus said. Nicodemus believed that Jesus is God’s Son.”

Closing Group Time

Sing and Clap

Invite a diver to toss the cube. Reach the number on the top and play that track on the CD. Lead divers to sing and clap along. Comment that singing and learning about Jesus is part of God’s plan for people.

Review Bible Story

Point to the “Fish Measurement” strip. Show the Bible story picture and explain that for every thing divers can remember that from today’s Bible story, one stick note will be added to the strip. stacking from the bottom up. Count the total number of fish once finished. Pat your knees and clap your hands to create a 4-beat rhythm. (Example: Pat, pat, clap, clap. Pat, pat, clap, clap.) To that rhythm, say the following phrases. Pause for divers to echo each phrase. “Going to see Jesus. (echo) Walking down the street. ( echo) Must walk quietly. (echo) It is nighttime. (echo) See the stars. (echo) Look around the corner. (echo) No one there. (echo) Go to the house. (echo) Talk to Jesus. (echo) Asking questions. (echo) Listening carefully. (echo) Learn about God’s love. (echo) Jesus is God’s Son. (echo)”

Say the Bible Verse

Lead divers to read the verse together from the “Verse Poster.” Comment: “Nicodemus learned about God’s love. He learned that God sent Jesus to help people know about His love.” Blow a bubble and challenge children to say the verse before the bubble hist the floor. Repeat a few times, blowing the bubble lower each round.

Pack Item 3 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Play “Diver, May I”

Lay the “Fish Measurement” strip on the floor. Stand behind the strip. Guide kids to line up facing you on the other side of the room. Play a game similar to “Mother May I” in which the diver must ask “Diver, may I?” before completing the action. Call out actions related to sea animals such as, “Move 3 steps like a sea turtle.” Keep playing until a child reaches the strip. If time permits, guide kids to move back to the start line and play again.

That is the end of the day!

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