Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 4 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

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Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 4 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Jesus Saw the Blind Man

Dive In

Give each diver a periscope, goggles, or swim mask. Guide the divers to “Swim” around the room and spy sea creatures through the portholes. Gather divers back in the group time area. Say: “I saw an animal with eight tentacles. Did you see it? What is it? (Octopus)

Describe other sea creatures. Guide kids to name the creatures they saw. Describe other things in the room to children to find. (for example: “I see something blue. It can be anything in the room. Can you find it?”) Call on divers for guesses. Continue playing a few rounds. Pass a basket to collect the periscope, goggles, and swim makes. Set the basket aside.

Remember Bible Stories

Show “Bible Story Pictures 1-3” (pack items 1-3), one at a time. Lead kids to remember the Bible stories they have heard in VBS. Point to the words on the “Observation Window” to help them recall the stories.

Point to Jesus’ name on the “Observation Window.” Remind kids that every day they have heard stories about Jesus talking to different people. Comment: “Jesus saw Zacchaeus. (Point to that name.) Jesus saw a women. (Point to that word.) Jesus saw Nicodemus. (Point to that name.) Jesus knew each one of these people. He cared about them.”
Zacchaeus Bible Story Picture Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016Pack Item 2 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016Pack Item 3 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016








Show the word man from today’s story words. Explain that we do not know the name of the man in today’s story, but we know how Jesus helped him. Then the the word to the “Observation Window.”
Pack Item 10 Story Words Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016 Kindergarten

Tell the Bible Story

Open the Bible to John 9. Lay down the “Story Cards” as indicated below (in parentheses). Form a straight line with the cards. When a card is repeated, move it to the end of the line.

Review the Bible Story

Gather the story cards, Lay the cards out again, in order, and guide divers to retell the story in their own words. Show the Bible story picture. Allow kids to ask questions or talk about the Bible Story. Read the other story words one at a time. Invite divers to add the words to the “Observation Window.”

Pack Item 9 Observation Window Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Play Rhythm Sticks

Give each child rhythm sticks or two un-sharpened pencils. Play “Jesus Loves Me” (track 4) Lead the divers to tap their sticks to the beat of the music. Point to the word blind on the “Observation Window” and remind kids that the man had been blind since he was born. Say: “This time, close your eyes and listen. Tap your sticks to match my beat. I will change how my sticks are tapping. Can you follow with your eyes closed?”

Play the song again. Begin by tapping on the beat. Then change to tapping on every other beat. Finally, lead divers to tap double time (two per beat.)

Tell divers to open their eyes. Point to the word see on the “Observation Window.” Say: “Jesus made the blind man able to see.” Remind divers that the man told people what Jesus had done for him. Explain: “We can tell people what we know about Jesus. We may not be able to answer all of their questions but we can tell what we know.”┬áCollect the rhythm sticks.

Say the Bible Verse

Lead divers to read the Bible verse from the poster. Then open the Bible and point to the verse. Explain that this verse is in the Book of Psalms, which is in the middle of the Bible. Mix the verse word cards and give one to each child or pair of kids (depending on group size). Read each individual word. Then guide kids to put the verse in order. Extend: Lead kids to trade words three times. Then work to put the verse in order again.

Remind the group that Jesus cared about the blind man and helped him to see Jesus cares about us, too. Say: “Jesus loves us and will help us. Jesus loves you.”

Play an Application Game

Demonstrate how to move the paper clips up and down along the gauges on the back of Card 4 (Dive Kit). Invite a child to close his eyes while moving the paper clips. Once they have finished moving the clips, ask them to open their eyes and share what action the paper clip points to and how many times the group should perform the action.

Dive Kit Submerged VBS 2016

Ask the group: “Was this an action that shows someone you care?” Remind divers that Jesus cares about them. As time permits, invite volunteers to share ways that Jesus cares for people.

Explore Eyewear

Mark the Bible story and Bible verse with the appropriate markers. Make homemade periscope and waterscope according to the directions on “DIY Resources” (pack item 18).

Pack Item 18 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Encourage divers to explore the different eye-related items. Find the Bible story in the Bible and talk about it with the divers. Emphasize that the man had been blind since he was born. He had never been able to see anything. Jesus made him able to see. Use a magnifying glass or color paddle to view and read the verse from the Bible.

Add the books “Jesus Loves Me” and “Deep Sea Dive” (pack items 29-30) for the divers to view with the various lenses. Place shells, coral, a floral gems on a tray for kids to view.

Make Glowing Hearts

Cut heart shapes from the heavyweight paper. Give each diver a piece of black paper and a heart shape. Guide the diver to trace around the heart with chalk, then use a cotton ball to smudge the chalk away from the heart to create a glowing effect. Encourage the child to repeat the process again. She may create overlapping designs or just a collage of hearts. Look together at the picture and talk about the Bible story. Emphasize the fact that Jesus cared for the blind man and helped him and that Jesus cares for us, too.

Make stencils from the “Tangrams” (CD) or add simple fish shapes for children to use in addition to the hearts. Allow divers to experiment with the chalk and cotton balls. Suggest they try writing words and rubbing the lines.

Play Blind Spelling

Cut black paper to fit the goggles lenses, then tape in place. Print these words on the index cards (one word per card): Jesus, blind, mud, wash, see, man, help. Place magnet letters in the plastic container. Make sure all of the letters needed for the above words are included. Attach the word Jesus to the magnet board with the clip.

Show the magnet board to the child. read the word and say: “We are going to spell this name. But you cannot look at the letters.” Help a diver put on the blackout goggles. Guide them to feel the letters to find a J, then stick it on the board. Continue finding one letter at a time until she spells Jesus. Choose a different word card and repeat. Encourage divers waiting for turns to use the story cards to retell the Bible story.

Allow divers to spell words on the magnet board without the blindfold. Lead divers to draw blindfolded pictures on their Dive slates (Dive Kit)

Feel Textured Words

Cut heavyweight paper into 3-by-6 inch strips. Print Jesus on one strip and cares on another strip. Print Jesus on one strip and cares on another strip. Trace over the pencil lines with flue to make raised letters. Make several sets of words. (Make these ahead of time so they will be dry.)

Guide divers to trace their fingers over the raised lines of each word. Read the words and talk about the Bible story. Suggest a child place a piece of paper over Jesus’ name then rub a crayon over the word to make a rubbing. Then they can make a rubbing of the other word. Tell the diver: “Jesus cares for you.”

Provide “Underwater Shapes” (pack item 15), sandpaper pieces, and scissors. Guide divers to trace and cut out the shapes from sandpaper for more rubbings. Review today’s Bible story and other stories from VBS. Invite divers to work raised “Mazes” (CD). Talk about the blind man.

Pack Item 15 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Closing Time

Sing and Move

Play the song “Creature Feature” (track 5). Guide divers to move like sea animals as the song directs. Ask divers to think for a minute about the things they did today. Pause for thinking. Toss the fish beanbag to a diver. Ask the diver to tell something about VBS and toss the beanbag back to you. Toss to another diver. Continue until all divers have had a turn.

Recall the Bible Story

Lay the story cards, one at a time on the floor. Guide divers to use the story cards to retell the Bible story. Open the Bible to the Bible story. Point to the Bible passage and explain that the story of the blind man and Jesus is in the Bible. Remind kids that Jesus helped the blind man. Jesus card about us too. He cares about you. He cares about me.” Pray, thanking God for Jesus.

Say the Bible verse

Lay the verse word cards on the floor in order, leaving space for the missing words hidden around the room. Explain that submarines use sonar to know where things are in the water. Sonar uses pinging sounds. Demonstrate a sonar “ping.” Roll the cube. Start at one end of the group and count to the number on the cube. Invite that diver to hunt for a word.

Explain: “Listen for the sonar clues. If you are close to a word, the sonar will ping faster.” As the diver walks around the room, make sonar pings. When they approach a word, make the sound faster. Guide them to bring back the word they find. Insert the word in the verse. Roll the cube; start counting where you left off to choose another explorer. Continue until all words are found. Led the group to read the verse together. Blow a bubble close to the ground and challenge the group to say the entire verse before the bubble hits the floor.

Play Rhythm Sticks

Distribute rhythm sticks. Invite kids to tap to the beat of “Jesus Loves Me” (track 4). Play other songs as time allows.


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