Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 5 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Lifeway VBS 2016 Submerged Day 5 – Kindergarten Lesson and Activities

Jesus Saw the Children

Dive In

Sit with divers in a circle. Remind divers that Jesus knows us, loves us, and knows our names. Say: “Let’s play a game with our names.” Hold up each name card. Encourage the group to read the names. Put the cards back in the bag. Draw two cards from the bag and hold them so kids can read them. Lead cards for diver to swith places, and so on. Make sure everyone switches places at least once.

Hold up all the cards and lead everyone to switch places.

Introduce the Story

Show the Bible story picture. Ask Kindergartners to tell what they think is happening in the picture. This may be familiar Bible story for some kids. Listen to all comments but do not indicate right or wrong predictions. Nod and accept all ideas.

Invite divers to listen carefully to the Bible Story to find out what is happening.

Tell the Bible Story

Lay the picture facedown as you tell the Bible story. Open the Bible to Mark 10. Hold the Bible open as you tell the Bible story in your own words. Use your voice and facial expressions to convey the emotions and actions in the story.

Review the Bible Story

Show the Bible story picture again. Encourage divers to talk about the story. Listen as they compare their ideas and predictions to the Bible story content.Choose divers to be Jesus, disciples, parents, and children. Briefly retell the story as divers pantomime the action. Switch roles and act out the story again.


Show the story words one at a time. Talk about each word and how it connects to the Bible story. Invite kids to add the words to the “Observation Window.”

Pack Item 10 Story Words Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016 Kindergarten


Sing and Pray

Point to each of these words on the “Observation Window” as you say them: “Jesus loves children.” Explain that Jesus loved the children. He wanted to talk to them. He was not too busy to see them. Comment: “Jesus loves is, too. He loves each of you.”

Draw a name from the bag. Say: “Jesus loves (insert child’s name).” Repeat with every child’s name. Sing “Do you know that?” (track 2). Invite kids to point to themselves each time they sing “Yes, I know that…” on the final verse.

Pray, thanking God for Jesus. Thank God that Jesus loves each child. Allow volunteers to pray and thank God, too. Sing the chorus of “Jesus Loves Me” (track 4), substituting you for me. Point to a different child as you sing: “Yes, Jesus loves you, Yes, Jesus loves you, Yes, Jesus loves you, The Bible tells me so.”

Say the Bible Verse

Pass the basket around and ask each diver to take a periscope. Invite divers to use their periscopes to find the verse hidden in the room. Lead the group to read the verse together. Praise divers for knowing the  Bible verse so well.

Distribute dive slates and dry erase markers. Assign each diver one word of the verse to write on their Dive Slate. (Assign the  words in order, then allow time for divers to write.) Help the divers arrange the Dive Slates in order on the floor once all of the words have been written. Read the complete verse together.

Play a Periscope Game

Give clues to describe various words on the “Observation Windows.”(Example: “Can you find a word that begins with J and us the name of God’s Son?”) Invite kids to use the periscope to find the words. Describe words from the entire week. Encourage the children to tell you what the words mean or how they relate to a Bible story.

Draw Self-portraits

Look at the picture and talk about the Bible story. Remind divers that Jesus loved the children and Jesus loves them, too. Lead divers to draw self-portraits, using the mirrors to look at their reflections. Encourage them to use a variety of drawing materials. Comment: “Jesus knows all about you. He cares about you and He loves you.” Pray and thank God for Jesus. Suggest the divers print Jesus loves me on their portraits.

Encourage divers to draw their self-portraits on Card 5 of the Dive Kit. Divers can also line up their Dive Slates next to one of the partially drawn pictures on the card and complete the drawing on their Dive Slates. Sing “God knows All About Me” (track 3).

Play Games

Mark the Bible verse with the marker. Suspend the “Shark Mouth” between two chairs. Prepare the game pieces and activities. Invite divers to play whichever games they choose. Divers may play together or individually. Open the Bible to Psalm 139 and read the second part of the verse, “Help me do what is right” Watch for opportunities as kids play to tell them. “By working together and being kind, you are doing what is right.”

Lead the divers to say the Bible verse as they toss fish beanbags through the shark’s mouth. Challenge divers to put the “Verse Word Card” (pack item 21) in order while working together silently. Explain that when divers work underwater, they cannot talk with one another. They must use other ways to communicate.

Pack Item 21 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Make Verse Chains

Cut paper into several 1 1/2 by 6 inch strips. Guide divers to print one or two words of the Bible vers on each paper strip. Demonstrate how to bring the ends of the first paper strip together and staple to make a circle. (Make sure the words are on the outside of the strip.) Help the child thread the second strip through the circle, bring the ends together, and staple. Continue with the other strips to form a Bible verse pper chain. Encourage the child to read the vers from her chain. Comment: “God loves you and will help you.”

Guide kids to make eight paper chains. Tape the chains to a balloon or Styrofoam ball and then draw on eyes to make an octopus. Sing the verse about the octopus from “Creature Feature” (track 5) as the divers play with the octopus.

Explore a Light Table

Mark the Bible story passage with the appropriate marker. Prepare the light table and accessories according to the directions on pack item 28.

Pack Item 28 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016


Print the word children on a sheet protector with a wet-erase maker. (Wet-erase makers are makers that will not rub off but can be cleared off with water.) Allow divers to experiment with the light table and ccessories. Encourage divers to write words or draw designs on sheet protectors to use with the light table. Suggest a diver use the floral gems to outline the letters of the word. Open the Bible and point to the words on the marker. Comment: “Jesus loved the children. Jesus loves you, too.”

Add shapes cut from colored acetate or construction paper (will make silhouettes). Use the “Underwater Shapes” (pack item 15) as patterns. Read the “book Jesus Loves Me” (pack item 29), Talk with kids about ways Jesus shows love to them.

Pack Item 15 Lifeway Submerged VBS 2016

Closing Time

Mark all five Bible stories and the Bible verse in the Bible.

Use Periscopes

Distribute periscopes to each child. Explain that you will show the name of someone Jesus loves. The divers must raise their hands when they see the name through their periscopes. Hold up one of the name cards at face-level. Call on a child to read the name. Continue with the other name cards, holding each one differently (such as at chest-level, overhead, or near the floor).

Sing and Pray

Remind divers: “Jesus loves you. Jesus loves each one of us.” Lead divers to sing “Jesus Loves Me” (track 4) and do the motions learned in music rotation. Pray, thanking God for Jesus. Thank God that Jesus loves every child.

Review the Bible Stories

Remind divers that every day of VBS they learned something new about Jesus. Comment: “We learned that Jesus knew, loved and helped people.” Show today’s Bible story picture and encourage divers to recall the story. Open the Bible to the story reference and show the marker. Say: “Jesus loved the children.” Repeat with each of the other Bible stories. Show the picture; recall the story; open the Bible; show the marker; and say: “Jesus loved ___.” Invite divers to fill in the blank.

Review the Bible Verse

Show the verse poster. Open the Bible to the verse and lead kids to say it together. Practice saying the verse at different speeds, some faster, some slower. Blow a bubble closer to the floor than any previous day. Challenge the group to say the entire verse before the bubble his the floor. Allow divers to take turns blowing bubbles. Continue trying to say the verse before the bubbles pop.

Play a Game

Choose a game from the “Quick and Easy Games” (pack item 13) while waiting for parents to arrive. Invite divers to choose their favorite song from VBS and lead the group in singing or doing the motions of that song.



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