Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Bible Study Decorations

The Bible Study is the Galactic Starveyor Clubhouse for Lifeways VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors theme. So be on the lookout for tan/ivory tablecloths. I enjoy teaching Kindergarten and they are so curious and very hands on, so I cover the walls, so the little hands will keep off the current posters and projects on the wall.



Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Bible Study Decorations

2016 we created our room as the inside of the submarine for Submerged.The previous year (2015) we had the Tree House as our Bible Study for Journey off the Map. In 2014 we had our room as the Command Center for Agency D3.

Lifeway VBS Classroom Decorations

You will also want to look for brown plastic tablecloths for the outlines of the windows and doors. You can use brown butcher paper but I like the tablecloths. I know my classroom takes between 12-15 tablecloths. I go with which ever is cheaper! Below is cardboard that was painted.

treehouse wall paint base

As pictured above the tables are covered with butcher paper and that is done because Kindergartners are always coloring on something so give them something to color and let them know its OK if they color on it. This is a great way to keep them busy if they complete an activity sooner than others. For Galactic Starveyors I will cover the tables with brown butcher paper to go with the theme of the Lifeway picture shown below. Make them look more like work tables. Use two different color browns for the windows and door ways to give dimension.

My windows will have the black sky back drop that I got super cheap. You can simply take a black or dark blue tablecloth and cover your windows. Add some white circles to appear like stars. I found some glow in the dark stars that I will also attach to the windows and ceiling to make the appearance of the clubhouse as a separate room from the building.

Galactic Clubhouse Window

Galactic Windows

My Bible Study Clubhouse is coming together. Our VBS week is at the end of July but since my kiddos are off to camp and I have time to decorate and take my time, that is exactly what I did. My calculations on the window frame were off but no worries I was able to readjust the frame.

Galactic Starveyors Clubhouse Decorations

Galactic Starveryors VBS 2017 Club-House-INTERIOR_2-1024x631

Start collecting Tripods, keep in mind that older tripods work great and you can often find these at Yard Sales for a couple of Dollars. I pass on tripods costing more than $5. Also start collecting Space posters of the planets, stars and moons.Galactic Clubhouse

Create your own telescopes out of poster board and some material, add a little black streamer with some tape and attach to the tripods!

Galactic Starveyors Telescope DIY

Look for ideas on how to make rockets. You can make some simple ones out of paper towel rolls and construction paper. These you can ask that people collect them for you. Use them for tops of shelving to give added dimension to your decorations.


Collect some toy tools or make your own out of cardboard. You can make your pegboard out of cardboard as well. If you have a peg board already, great. Use peg holders to hold up your tools.

How to Decorate Galactic Starveyors Clubhouse ebook

Get more Galactic Starveyors Decoration Ideas with Picture Tutorials in this Galactic Starveyors Clubhouse Decorations eBook.

Dollar Tree Space Attendance

This space attendance can be found at Dollar Tree and can be used as a wall prop as well as a practical attendance use!


United States Map Dollar Tree VBS 2017

Simply add some Posters that you might find in a clubhouse like a map of the United States. This one was found at Dollar Tree.

Bounce Ball Planets Dollar Tree

Globe VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Dollar Tree

You can find Bounce balls at Dollar Tree that can be used as planets as well as this globe in the School Supply section.

You can find silver and gold foil stars at Dollar Tree. Great for Worship Rally Decorations.

Basic Clubhouse Galactic Starveyors

Basic Clubhouse Decoration Ideas from Lifeways Galactic Starveyors Packet information.

Clubhouse Ideas Galactic Starveyors

Material list for Clubhouse Decorations.

Upgrades Galactic Starveyors

Upgrade your Clubhouse with these great decoration Ideas from Lifeways Galactic Starveyors suggestions.

Incorporate your Bible Lesson with the decorations. Pictured above are the story words for the kindergarten lesson written on the stars. We then taped them to the floor. We have a couple of activities through the week and thought this would be appropriate.

Need to decorate a Bible Study at the last minute. Make it into a Stary Night.

Outside the Clubhouse needs decoration too! Make your clubhouse doorway with butcher paper add the signs and you are good.

Brown construction paper to cover the tables to make them look like work tables/desks.

Galactic Tables

Photo Credit: Mr. Mark’s Classroom


Lava Lamps

Spinning Tops

Green turf for the ground.


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