Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Hallway Decorations


Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Hallway Decorations

Your Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Hallway would be cool if you designed it to be a walkway through space.

Line your Hallways with black or blue butcher paper or you can use plastic tablecloths. You can also find space backdrop from Amazon to hang on your walls. Depending on the lengths you need it can become costly so I recommend you find inexpensive alternatives.

Create your own stars, moon and planets to put on the walls or hang from the ceiling.

Galactic Stars

Galactic Starveyors Stars VBS 2017

The Glow in the Dark Stars were from Dollar General and I purchased them on clearance. I believe they were 50% or more off. I end up getting 4-5 packages. Come to think of it I think I paid less than a quarter so they must have been 75% off. I found them at the end of the summer season.

You can download the FREE Galactic Stars and Moon SVG, PDF, PNG file below.


This moon and star can be doubled as a preschool alternative craft.

Check out other Galactic Starveyors Alternative Craft Ideas.

Galactic Moon

Galactic Moon VBS 2017

This Galactic Moon is made from a stone self sticking book cover roll. I purchased this a couple years ago from Goodwill with the intention of using it for rocks for Lifeways VBS 2015 Journey of the Map but that never happened. So I saved it and now made 12 moons! You can find all kinds of patterns at Dollar Tree.

Galactic Moon 2

The one I have is by Magic Cover brand

Galactic Planets

Galactic Starveyor Hallway

Galactic Back Drop

Galactic Starveyors backdrop VBS 2017

Use Black plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree or Walmart. I find it useful to use painters tape to keep the tablecloth on the wall.

I used black for the top and blue for the bottom half of the wall to make the effect of lighter at the bottom because of street lights, etc.

Galactic Starveyors Hallway Decorations

We made sure to not cover Fire Alarms, Outlets and light switches. We used a combination of the Lifeway cutouts, printable images, lanterns, Christmas Ornaments, glow in the dark stars and self made stars and planets.

Galactic Tea light stars


Galactic Clubhouse


Galactic Starveyors Hallway Decorations 3

Galactic Starveyors Hallway Decorations 2

Here is the entrance way to the Children’s Wing

More Hallway Decorations

Entrance Way to the Worship Rally

Need more inspired Lifeway Galactic Starveyors VBS 2017 Decoration Ideas.



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  2. Jeanette

    Hey Rebecca! I have seen a lot of this year’s VBS trees have the white trim all around the treetops. It looks like a nice touch to match the white tree trunks. Have you seen this and do you know the best way to go about it? White tape seems like it would be sloppy and paint tedious. Any thoughts! Thank you so much for all of your advice!

    1. I haven’t actually done any of the trees but all the ones I have seen have been painted. yes very tedious. I am all about what is what and easier! I personally do alot with paper, glue and tape. If I do make any I would probably use white painters tape it will stick and go faster than painting.

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