Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Worship Rally Decorations

Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors Worship Rally Decorations that will give you some ideas to create your own one of a kind worship area.


  1. Chevy Roper

    Here are a few ideas:

    While guests are arriving, have the animated cartoon version of Transformers playing on TV. Gives you time to greet guests and occupies the kiddos.

    You can do simple face painting with face paint and cotton swabs. All kids love it! If like me and are not very artistic, look for temporary tattoos that could be applied at the party.

    Have Transformers coloring sheets with crayons laid out for the kids to enjoy during activities. Most kids that age love to color and its keeping with theme.

    If you have space and don’t mind the kids trampling around, have a scavenger hunt. Hide Transformer cards, Party favors, etc. and have the kids find them.

    Decorate a cardboard box as a Transformer, Fill it with party favors, candy, etc. Hide the box. Give the kids clues or hints to location of the box.

    Hope some of these help! Good luck!!

  2. I always make mini coloring books for the guests with the first page saying
    ” _____ (name of child) _______ (age) of child and date birthday!” w/the pic of party theme on the front and give them crayons. You can either do this while waiting for guests or in their favor bags.

    Since they’re so young you might consider mini cupcakes put together to form the transformer face. This = less mess and no utensils to bother with.

    Instead of pin the tail on the donkey draw up a big pic of transformer and have the face mask be the “tail”.

    Musical chairs or any action game age appropriate- but they have to do it walking like Transformers (robot style).

    Hope this sparks some ideas.

  3. RG - VBS teacher

    Rebecca – thanks for all the info posted. However, I am unable to view Day 2 Galactic Starveyors full content on the webpage. The text is there, but no photos are showing up. Can you either email me Day 2, or check on the posting. I am able to see Day 1, 3, 4, and 5. Just having problems with Day 2. Thx

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